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(Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the Island)
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Craig was a middle section survivor of Oceanic Flight 815. Craig is an uncredited background extra character, whose name has been inferred from the dialog of other characters. Craig survived on the Island for at least 101 days, and then he may have been killed during the flaming arrow attack (or during its aftermath) in 1954.

Before the crash

Prior to boarding Flight 815, Craig paused briefly by a set of doors at the Sydney Airport as Sun was deciding whether or not to go through with her plan to leave her husband. Later, he was seen sitting near Shannon when Sayid asked her to look after his bag. ("House of the Rising Sun") ("Exodus, Part 1")

On the Island

Days 1-44 (Season 1)

After the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, Craig was assisted directly after the crash by another passenger. Craig proved himself helpful during the first days after the crash by helping Claire and other survivors sort wallets and other possessions which were strewn across the beach. After the group began to panic about their supplies, Sayid made a speech about forming teams to gather items from the wreckage, and he was present to hear this. The next day Craig spent the portion of the day with SBSSG and gathered wood for the mass funeral. ("Pilot, Part 1") ("Walkabout")

Craig helps Claire sort wallets and other possessions. ("Tabula Rasa")

After Jack made a decision to move into the jungle and use the caves as a suitable living space, Craig decided to stay on the beach. Soon after, the tide suddenly shifted and he helped his fellow survivors gather the luggage that was drifting into the water. Craig joined the camp that night as they moved down the camp to their new home. When Scott was found murdered on the beach, Craig was one of the onlookers on the beach watching as his body was being carried away. ("Homecoming")

When Craig and Jerome started to construct a tent at the beach camp, they were yelled at by Sawyer to be quieter, as he had a headache. A few days later, Craig was recruited by Jack to join him and several other survivors in assisting the quickened construction of the raft. Craig, along with all those around him at the raft, saw the pillar of smoke coming from across the Island, signaling the approach of the Others. Before the launching of the raft, Craig wrote a letter and gave it to Charlie to put in the message bottle. Craig later headed to the caves. ("Deus Ex Machina") ("Exodus, Part 1")

Days 44-67 (Season 2)

Craig attends Boone's funeral. ("The Greater Good")

Craig was hanging out with fellow survivor Steve at the beach on the day that Hurley passed out the food from the hatch to the group and thanked Hurley. Craig also welcomed Bernard and Libby when they arrived at camp. The next day he attended Shannon's funeral. When Bernard set out to construct his S.O.S. sign, Craig was speaking with Richard and Jerome when he was chosen by Bernard to help. Craig later opted not to help, and did not return to pitch in. ("S.O.S.") ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1")

Days 77-91 (Season 3)

When Jin found a ping-pong table, he assisted in carrying it out to the beach and later watched with amusement as Hurley beat Sawyer in a game that resulted in Sawyer being unable to refer to anyone by a nickname for one week. A few days later Craig attended the funeral of Nikki and Paulo. When it was discovered that the Others were planning to raid the camp, Craig joined his fellow survivors in preparing to leave for the radio tower. Shortly before leaving, Jack checked to make sure that Craig had enough water. ("Enter 77") ("Greatest Hits")

Days 91-100 (Season 4)

Craig returns to the island. ("Because You Left")

When the survivors made their way to the cockpit, they were intercepted by Locke. Locke attempted to convince the survivors to join him in his journey to the barracks, however Craig chose to join Jack's group. A few weeks later Craig watched Rose and Bernard arguing with Daniel and Charlotte. After Daniel successfully finishing the first trip to the Kahana, Craig, along with five other survivors, boarded the Zodiac raft. However, the raft did not reach its destination, as the Kahana was destroyed beforehand, and the raft moved through time along with the Island. ("The Beginning of the End") ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")

Time flashes: 1954 (Season 5)

After the Island moved, Craig, on the Zodiac raft with Daniel, returned to the Island to reunite with his fellow survivors as they try to find out what happened. After shifting through time to 1954, Craig was on the beach when flaming arrows, launched by the Others, began to rain down on the survivors. Craig fled into the jungle with other the survivors and was seen behind Bernard while fleeing. Craig's whereabouts and status were unknown, along with the majority of the survivors that ran into the jungle. ("Because You Left") ("The Lie") However, as far as Rose and Bernard knew, they (along with Vincent) were the only survivors of the flaming arrow attack ("The Incident, Part 1"), so they presumed that Craig, along with the other missing survivors, had died either in the attack or while waiting for Sawyer's group by the creek.

Flash sideways

Craig asleep in his seat on Flight 815.

In the Flash-sideways timeline, Craig can be sleeping in his seat near Sawyer on the plane. He also watched Charlie being escorted off the plane and was standing near Edward Mars as he searched for Kate outside the airport. ("LA X, Part 1")


Although it may be deduced from the transcript dialog ("S.O.S.") that this character's name is "Craig", this labeling of this specific background actor (Chris Candella) was almost certainly not a decision of the writers or casting and therefore any narrative of this background character's biography is primarily a fan-creation.

  • The name "Craig" is mentioned in the S.O.S. transcript by Bernard on both the United States closed captioning, as well as on the DVD subtitles:

BERNARD: Hey, Richard, Craig, Jerome, come here.


  • The actor of Craig also appeared as an DHARMA Initiative extra driving a Jeep with other extras who also portrayed Flight 815 survivors [1].
  • One of the original 33 survivors.
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