Below is a list of all main characters and countries they visited during their lives.

Picture Name Countries this character has been to Reason Total countries
Sayid-portal Sayid Iraq, France, Australia, Germany, Egypt, UK, USA, The Seychelles, Germany, Russia, Indonesia, and Dominican Republic Sayid was born and raised in Iraq, he studied at Cairo Universty in Egypt, he worked and lived as a chef in France for a short time, he was in London, England for unknown reasons, and then was arrested and brought to Australia to help the CIA with a terror plot. After leaving the Island he and other members of the Oceanic Six sailed to the Island of Sumba in Indonesia. He lived in the USA with his wife Nadia and then began to work for Ben Linus and travelled around the world to kill people who worked for Charles Widmore. He travelled to the Seychelles, Germany and Russia to work for Ben, and when Ben told Sayid he was no longer needed, Sayid began chairty work in Dominican Republic before heading back to the USA. Sayid had also promised to take Nadia to Rome but she died before they could do so. 12
Jack-portal Jack USA, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, and Singapore Jack was born in the the USA and visited Thailand soon after his divorce. Jack also flew to Australia to find his father. After leaving the Island with the other members of the Oceanic Six Jack sailed to the coast of Sumba in Indonesia. He visited Japan and Singapore while using his golden ticket after leaving the Island. 6
Ben-portal Ben USA, Tunisia, Iraq, UK, and Russia Ben was born and spent the first few years of his life in the USA before he moved to the Island. Upon leaving he arrived at the Sahara Desert, most likely in Tunisia as he travelled there later. He soon went to Iraq to convince Sayid to work for him and later visited Charles Widmore in the UK telling him he was going to kill his daughter. Ben later flew to Russia to inform Sayid his work was done before returning to America and then the Island. 5
Sun-portal Sun Korea, Australia, Indonesia, USA, and UK Sun was born and raised in Korea and travelled to Australia with her husband Jin to deliver a watch for her father. After leaving the Island Sun along with the other Oceanic Six members sailed to an Island in Indonesia. She was flown soon after to the USA before going back to Korea. Sun later travelled to the UK to speak with Charles Widmore on their shared interest of killing Ben. 5
Walt-portal Walt USA, Netherlands, Italy, Australia, and one other unknown country. Walt was born and spent the first year of his life in the USA. He moved with his mother to the Netherlands and then Italy before living in Australia where she passed away. Walt's father came to collect him and they crashed on an Island; after escaping Walt and his father ended up in an unknown country and boarded a cargo ferry to the States. 5
Locke-portal Locke USA, Australia, Tunisia, and Dominican Republic Locke was born and raised in the USA. He travelled to Australia to go on a walkabout, which he wasn't allowed to go on. After turning the wheel and being transported from the Island he awoke in Tunisia and soon travelled around to convince the Oceanic Six to return to the Island and in doing so Locke visited Sayid in Dominican Republic. 4
Hurley-portal Hurley USA, Australia, Indonesia, and Korea Hurley was born and raised in the USA and visited Australia in order to discover the secret of the numbers. After leaving the Island with the other members of the Oceanic Six Hurley sailed to the coast of Sumba in Indonesia. Hurley visited Sun and her daughter in Korea. 4
Michael-portal Michael USA, Australia, Fiji and one other unknown country. Michael was born and lived in the USA and later flew to Australia to collect his son Walt after Walt's mother passed away. After leaving the Island with his son he arrived at an unknown country and sold the boat the others gave him and boarded a cargo ferry for the USA. Michael later flew to Fiji in order to board Widmore's freighter as a spy for Ben. 4
Charlotte-portal Charlotte UK, Tunisia and Fiji Charlotte spent many of her younger childhood years on the Island but after leaving moved to the UK with her mother. Later she worked as an anthropologist in Tunisia and was implied to have visited several other countries as well. She also boarded the Kahana in Fiji and soon arrived back on the Island, the place she had been searching for her entire life. 3 or more
Desmond-portal Desmond UK, USA, Philippines, and more. Desmond was born and raised in Scotland in the UK. He travelled to the USA where he began his race around the world. He became ship-wrecked on the Island and after leaving reunited with Penny. The two travelled to the Philippines on their boat where Penny gave birth to their son Charlie. Desmond went to more than three countries as he travelled the world for several years with Penny and they were at an unknown location when Desmond dreamed about Daniel Faraday convincing him to travel to the UK. Over 3
Kate-portal Kate USA, Australia, Indonesia, and possibly Canada Kate claimed she was born in Canada but that has not been confirmed; she was raised in Iowa in the USA and travelled to Australia while on the run. After leaving the Island with the other members of the Oceanic Six Kate sailed to the Island of Sumba in Indonesia. 3 or 4
Portal-Charlie Charlie UK, Finland, Australia, possibly others. Charlie was born and raised in the UK. As a member of the one hit wonder band Drive Shaft he toured in Finland and possibly other countries. Charlie later flew to Australia to convince his brother to reform the band, but he refused. 3 or more
Image-Portal-Frank Frank USA, The Bahamas, India, Fiji and more Frank was born and raised in the USA. He became a pilot and also worked in the Bahamas for a short time. He later travelled to the Island after being recruited by Charles Widmore's team. Frank was also in Fiji, in order to board the freighter. As a pilot it's more than likely Frank has been to many other countries, and he mentioned flying planes into New Delhi, India. More than 4
Shannon-portal Shannon USA, France, and Australia Shannon was born in the the USA and lived for a short time in both France and Australia. 3
Jin-portal Jin Korea and Australia Jin was born and raised in Korea and traveled to Australia with his wife Sun to deliver a watch for her father. He spend the remainder of his life on the Island. 2
Ekoportal Eko Nigeria, UK, and Australia Eko was born in Nigeria and lived there for most of his life. He later visited the UK and worked for a parish there and soon went to Australia and worked there. 3
Portal-Paulo Paulo Brazil, USA, and Australia Paulo was from Brazil and most likely met his girlfriend Nikki in the USA before travelling with her to Australia to con and kill the wealthy Howard L. Zukerman. 3
Daniel-portal Daniel USA, UK and Fiji Daniel's birthplace is unknown but he lived in both the USA and the UK while studying at Oxford Universty and later became a professor there. It's presumed Daniel boarded the freighter in Fiji. 3
Miles-portal Miles USA and Fiji It's unknown if Miles was born on the Island or where his parents Pierre and Lara formally lived. Miles moved to the USA with his mother upon leaving the Island as a child and later left the same country to go back there. Miles was seen in Fiji boarding Widmore's freighter. 2, possibly 3 depending on his birthplace
Portal-Richard Richard Spain and USA Richard lived in the Spanish Canary Island Tenerife before coming to the Island. Richard also left the Island on numerous occasions to the USA to visit Locke at numerous times during his life as well as to recruit Juliet to the Others and to do work for Ben. 2
5x16 Jacob Jacob USA and Korea Jacob left the island several times to visit some of his candidates. It's safe to assume that Jacob has visited many countries but no proof of this exists. 2
Sawyer-portal Sawyer USA and Australia Sawyer was born and raised in the USA and travelled to Australia to try and hunt down the real Sawyer. 2
Portal-Ana Ana Lucia USA and Australia Ana Lucia was born and raised in the USA and later visited Australia after quitting the police force. 2
Portal-Nikki Nikki USA and Australia Nikki was from the USA and worked in Australia for a TV show. 2
Portal-Libby Libby USA and Australia Little is known about Libby's backstory but she had been in the USA and Australia in flashbacks. 2
Portal-Boone Boone USA and Australia Boone was born and raised in the USA and visited Australia to rescue Shannon from an abusive relationship only to later discover she was conning him. 2
Juliet-portal Juliet USA According to her backstory shown on the show, Juliet has only appeared in the USA where she was born and raised. 1
Claire-portal Claire Australia Claire has only ever been to Australia, the country she was born and raised in. 1
Mib The Man in Black None The Man in Black along with his brother Jacob were born on the island to Claudia, a survivor of an ancient shipwreck. He never left the Island. 0