A key theme in LOST was that of conflict. While conflict can define internal struggles, this article focuses on the instances of fights, attacks, and battles in the series to highlight the tensions and recurring rivalries between the characters.

Major confrontations[]

DHARMA vs. The Hostiles[]


Richard waits for the toxic gas to disperse. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

One of the first major conflicts on the Island was between the Island's original inhabitants, the Hostiles (a.k.a. The Others), and the DHARMA Initiative. These two groups had fought many skirmishes and battles, but in the end, the Hostiles conquered DHARMA with one swift stroke, known as the Purge. The Purge ended the conflict between the Others and the DHARMA Initiative. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

  • The full reason DHARMA was on the Island remains vague, but several of their goals were explained. The Numbers were the key part to the Valenzetti Equation, which was one of the main focuses of the Hanso Foundation. Hanso claimed that humanity could be saved by changing these numbers through different environmental manipulations. He also revealed that the Island was used as a research station to attempt such a manipulation to change the Numbers. (Sri Lanka Video)
  • It was later on revealed that Station 5, the Pearl, was a psychological station. The two members inside of the station had to record everything that other DHARMA members did in the other stations by viewing them through nine surveillance monitors. (Pearl Orientation Film)
  • The mysterious Station 6, the Orchid, was revealed to be a station that had to do with the Casimir effect and was also based on the subject of time travel and botanical research. (Orchid Orientation Film)
  • The natives of the Island thought that DHARMA was intruding upon their land. DHARMA, however, continued to build stations and bring new scientists and researchers to the Island. Eventually, it become clear to the Hostiles that one side had to go. The Hostiles used nerve gas that was released from a station known as The Tempest to kill all of the DHARMA members who were at the Barracks. Ben led the Hostiles in this purge against DHARMA. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

The Survivors vs. The Others[]

Tent explosion

The dynamite explodes. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1")

The next conflict on the Island was the battle between the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 and the Others. The Others first became known to the Tailies when, on the second day, they attacked the camp and kidnapped two of them. ("The Other 48 Days")

  • Tensions between the Others and the survivors rose substantially when, on Day 44, Tom and three Others kidnapped Walt and blew up the survivors' raft. ("Exodus, Part 2") Michael decided to go on a search for Walt after receiving a message from him via the Swan computer. Jack, John, Sawyer, and (unbeknownst to them) Kate pursued Michael to bring him back, but they were confronted by Tom and several unknown Others. Tom warned the survivors that there was a line that they could not cross, that the Island was the Others' island, and that the survivors were only allowed to live on it because the Others let them. The survivors' party was then forced to surrender its guns in exchange for Kate, whom the Others had captured while she was trying to catch up to the rest of the party. ("The Hunting Party")
  • Jack, Kate, and Sawyer were brought to Hydra Island. Sawyer and Kate worked tediously on a runway at the quarry, while Jack was held captive underwater, being manipulated by Ben and Juliet to convince him to do Ben's spinal surgery. ("A Tale of Two Cities") Jack agreed to do the surgery after seeing Kate together with Sawyer. Jack told Ben that he would only agree to perform the surgery if Ben would get him off of the Island. ("I Do") Jack's real reason for doing the surgery was as part of a ploy to help Kate and Sawyer to escape from Hydra Island. Jack made an incision in Ben's kidney sac, giving Kate and Sawyer one hour to escape. ("Not in Portland") Jack was taken back to the main Island on a trawler along with Ben and the Others. ("Exposé")
  • Later on, after Jack was taken to the Barracks, he reminded Ben about their 'deal' that he would get a ticket off the Island. ("King of the Castle")
  • On Day 90, the survivors prepared for their final stand against the Others. Ben sent a team of ten Others, lead by Ryan Pryce. Sayid, Bernard, and Jin stayed behind to defend the camp. The survivors managed to kill seven Others with the dynamite, but Jason, Ryan, and Tom survived and took the survivors hostage. Hurley came to the rescue with his DHARMA van and killed Ryan. Sayid broke Jason’s neck, and Sawyer shot an unarmed Tom. Ten Others died as a result. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1")

The Survivors vs. The Mercenaries[]


The freighties attack the Barracks. ("The Shape of Things to Come")

  • Miles revealed that he had his own agenda on the Island, and asked Ben specifically for $3.2 million. Charlotte and Daniel remained at the beach camp with the survivors. ("Eggtown")
  • On day 97, a group of mercenaries, led by Martin Keamy, invaded the Barracks to apprehend Benjamin Linus. Before reaching the Barracks, the mercenaries fatally shot Karl and Danielle Rousseau and took Alex. The mercenaries commenced an assault on the Barracks, shooting and killing Doug, a blonde woman, and Jerome. They then destroyed Claire's house with a rocket-propelled grenade. (Claire survived the explosion and was rescued from the rubble by Sawyer.) The mercenaries then ceased fire as Sawyer brought Claire to Ben Linus's house, revealing Ben's hiding place. The mercenaries released Miles from his imprisonment in the boat house, giving him a walkie-talkie and sending him to Ben's house. Keamy used the walkie-talkie to negotiate with Ben, ordering him to come out and give himself up to the custody of the mercenaries. After Ben's refusal, a mercenary brought Ben's daughter Alex to Keamy, and he held her at gunpoint, threatening to kill her if Ben did not give himself up. When Ben again refused to comply, Keamy shot Alex in the head. Ben promptly summoned the Monster, and it indiscriminately attacked the mercenaries. ("The Shape of Things to Come")
  • The mercenaries returned to the freighter, and Keamy went to meet "Kevin Johnson". He tried shooting Michael with his gun, but it wouldn't fire. Keamy demanded that Frank take him back to the Island, but Captain Gault held him at gunpoint. Keamy then shot and killed Gault, and Frank agreed to return the mercenaries to the Island. ("Cabin Fever")

The Others/Survivors vs. The Mercenaries[]


Alpert and the Others after the battle. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")

The Others, led by Benjamin Linus, were prepared to do whatever it took to protect the Island. Since Ben was not with the Others at the time the freighter people arrived, Richard Alpert took on the lead position of the Others. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

  • Kate and Sayid encountered Richard in the jungle and held him at gunpoint. However, when they realized that they were surrounded by armed Others, they surrendered to the Others. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")
  • Kate ran to Keamy and the other mercenaries, claiming to have been running away from the Others. The freighter mercenaries started searching for them, but one of the Others killed Kocol, and Lacour soon was killed as well, but not before firing shots in the air to warn the other mercenaries. The two sides exchanged gunfiree. A grenade was thrown by the Others and landed at Keamy's feet; he kicked it away, and it exploded, killing Omar. Ben and Kate ran away, but were chased fervently by Keamy. Sayid came and tackled Keamy, and a vigorous fight ensued. Eventually, Keamy overcame Sayid, coming close to killing him, but Richard came from behind, shooting him twice in the back. The shots did not kill him since he was wearing a bullet-proof vest. Keamy made his way to the Orchid in pursuit of Ben. He encountered Locke, but was killed by Ben to avenge the death of his daughter. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")

Survivors/Science team vs. The Hostiles (time flashes)[]

5x02 Beach camp attack

Flaming arrow attack on the beach. ("Because You Left")

  • After the Oceanic Six left on the helicopter, the survivors (along with Juliet and three members of the Science team) were confronted by a faction of the Hostiles who sent a volley of flaming arrows down on them. The first to be killed by this volley was Neil "Frogurt", who was hit multiple times in the chest and back. The survivors made a mad dash for the creek, and there appeared to be at least three more deaths. ("The Lie") The Hostiles apparently did this because they believed the survivors were U.S Military personnel. ("Jughead")
  • As Sawyer and Juliet made their way to the creek, three armed men (Jones, Cunningham, and Mattingly) captured them and questioned them, threatening to cut off Juliet's hands. Locke found them and rescued them, killing Mattingly. ("The Lie") Jones (later revealed to be Charles Widmore) later escaped after snapping Cunningham's neck to protect the location of the Others' camp. ("Jughead")
  • The Science team and two other survivors were later ambushed by the Hostiles at the creek. After an accidental detonation of two land mines, only the Science team was alive and taken into captivity. Thus a victory for the Hostiles. ("Jughead")

The Survivors vs. DHARMA Initiative[]


A drugged Sayid reveals untold information about DHARMA stations. ("He's Our You")

  • After the arrival of Ajira Flight 316, survivors Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid were on the main island where the DHARMA Initiative was in active operation in 1977. Jack, Kate, and Hurley were recruited into DHARMA, while Sayid was imprisoned on the presumption that he was a hostile. ("Namaste") Sayid refused to talk to his captors or provide any information about himself or other hostiles, and was drugged with sodium pentothol so he would willingly reveal the truth to DHARMA's interrogator Oldham. Sayid told the truth about his past on the island, but his captors did not believe him. They later decided to execute him. ("He's Our You")
  • While held captive in the Barracks jail, Sayid met Ben as a 12 year-old boy whose father, Roger Linus, was working with the DHARMA Initiative. Ben, believing Sayid truly was a hostile, asked for Sayid to allow him to join the hostiles, which Sayid agreed to do. That same night, Ben orchestrated the crash of the flaming DHARMA van into a house in the Barracks to serve as a decoy while he released Sayid from his jail cell. While escaping through the jungle, the pair were approached by Jin. Sayid knocked Jin out, and shot Ben with the intention of killing him. ("He's Our You")
  • Once they had decided to accompany Daniel to meet the Hostiles in an effort to find Daniel Faraday's mother, Eloise Hawking, Jack and Kate were arming themselves with weapons at the motor pool, along with Faraday, when an apprehensive Stuart Radzinsky approached in his DHARMA Jeep with 2 other DHARMA members and accused Daniel of misleading them all about the group's intentions. A firefight ensued, Daniel was grazed by a bullet in the neck, and Radzinsky was shot in the hand. Jack created an explosion by firing at a fuel tank, creating enough of a distraction for the trio to make their escape in another vehicle towards the Sonar fence. ("The Variable")
  • After devising a plan to set off the bomb in an effort to erase the past and make it so that Oceanic Flight 815 did not crash onto the island, Jack was met with both agreement and resistance to the idea. Stuart Radzinsky and Phil beat Sawyer in an effort to make him divulge information on the whereabouts of Kate and Ben and what they were doing on the island. ("Follow the Leader")
  • After entering Horace Goodspeed's home at The Barracks via the underground Tunnels, Sayid and Jack's plan to move the bomb to the Swan site unnoticed was thwarted by the commotion caused by their gun-fight with Radzinsky and Pierre Chang's move to have all women and children evacuated from the island. Wearing Horace's DHARMA jumpsuit, Sayid joined Jack in trying to blend in with the crowd in trying to go unnoticed to the Swan. Roger Linus noticed Sayid as the man who shot his son Ben, and shot him. Jack fired back in defense, and another gunfight arose with Jack killing two DHARMA members, but the pair were saved by Miles and Hurley in a DHARMA van. ("The Incident, Part 1")
  • Jack and Sawyer discussed the plan for detonating the bomb. Jack and Sawyer (who was a DHARMA member) got into a fistfight. Juliet, another DHARMA member, agreed with Jack and broke up the fight. ("The Incident, Part 1")
5x16 JackWithTheJughead

Jack stands over the future-Swan station, holding Jughead's core. ("The Incident, Part 1")

  • Jack was assisted by the other 1977 survivors in taking the Swan site. As Jack approached the area, he was seen by Phil, who began shooting. Surprisingly, a DHARMA Van sped into the gunfight. Kate, Miles, Juliet, and Sawyer jumped out and joined the fight. Sawyer took Phil hostage, telling Pierre Chang to stop the drill. Chang responded, saying the drill was being pulled into the shaft by the energy. Radzinsky shouted that the drill had hit the pocket of electromagnetism. As the gunfire stopped, Jack dropped the bomb's core into the drilling shaft, but nothing happened immediately. On the verge of killing Sawyer, Phil was impaled by a flying metal rod. Suddenly, Juliet was caught in chains and pulled down into the shaft despite the efforts of Sawyer and Kate to pull her up. Moments later, she regained consciousness and noticed the bomb next to her. She picked up a rock and hit it 8 times until it detonated. The explosion sent the survivors back to 2007, but the fate of the DHARMA people in 1977 was unknown. Thus a victory for the survivors. ("The Incident, Part 1")

The War[]

Main article: The War
6x06 MiB's Group

The Man in Black with his recruits. ("Sundown")

  • The Man in Black began to recruit his army. He first tried asking Richard, who refused. He then asked Sawyer who accepted and persuaded Jin and Claire to join him also. ("The Substitute") ("Lighthouse")
  • Jack and Hurley escaped the Temple and ventured to the Lighthouse. ("Lighthouse")
  • After Sayid came back to life, Dogen tortured him and told him that he must kill the Man in Black. When he attempted this, the Man in Black simply told him to tell the Temple Others they have until midnight to join him or die. At sundown, Sayid killed Dogen and the smoke monster killed everyone remaining. He also recruited Sayid and Kate afterward while Miles joined Jacob's team. ("LA X, Part 2") ("Sundown")
  • After Ilana told Ben to dig his own grave for the murder of Jacob, the Man in Black tried to recruit him but failed. Ilana forgave Ben. Jack, Hurley and Richard joined Jacob's team, while Widmore returned to the island in a submarine. ("Dr. Linus")
  • The Man in Black sent Sawyer to recon Hydra island where he discovered the submarine. When he returned to camp he forged an alliance with Jin and Kate to steal Widmore's sub. ("Recon")
  • Richard planned on blowing up the Ajira plane and the Man in Black tried to recruit Sun but she ran from him. When the Man in Black returned to camp everyone was unconscious and Jin had been kidnapped by Widmore's team. After Ilana's death, Jacob's team split in two: One made up of Richard, Ben, and Miles who wanted to blow up the plane; and one made up of Hurley, Jack, Frank, and Sun that wanted to talk to the Man in Black. Jin was shown that Desmond was kidnapped by Widmore. Widmore told Desmond that he would have to make a sacrifice but Sayid took him to the Man in Black who threw him down a well. ("The Package")  ("Happily Ever After")  ("Everybody Loves Hugo")
  • Jack, Hurley, Sun, and Frank joined in on Sawyer's secret plan to steal the sub. Zoe came to the Man in Black's camp and told him to return Desmond or he would be attacked. the Man in Black sent Sayid to kill Desmond but Sayid didn't do it. Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Hurley, Frank, and Sun went to a steal the Man in Black's boat but Claire followed them and they convinced her to come with them. After Jack told Sawyer "it's their destiny to stay on the island", Sawyer kicked him off. When Jack arrived at the beach the Man in Black and the others were waiting for him. The people on the boat were captured by Widmore's people, and Sun and Jin were reunited. Widmore fired off his missiles which landed on the beach killing most of the others. ("The Last Recruit")

The Man in Black is killed, thus ending The War. ("The End")

  • The people from the boat were locked in the cages so the Man in Black, Jack, and Sayid planned to break them out. The Man in Black attacked Widmore's men in smoke monster form while Jack freed the boat people. They all eventually arrived at the Ajira plane to escape but it was rigged with C-4, so they all went to the sub. Jack pushed the Man in Black into the water just before the people in Widmore's team attacked them on the dock. Kate was shot in the shoulder and they all got inside the sub except for Claire and the Man in Black who remained on the dock to kill Widmore's men. It was discovered that the Man in Black planned for all of what happened and put the C-4 he found inside Jack's backpack. Sayid took the bomb away from the others and it detonated in his hands. Jin and Sun drowned in the sub. Jack, Hurley, Kate, and Sawyer went to the main island while the Man in Black went to "finish what he started". ("The Candidate")
  • Richard, Miles and Ben finally arrived at the Barracks to get C-4 to blow up the plane but Widmore and Zoe were already there. The Man in Black attacked Richard while Miles left into the jungle. The Man in Black recruited Ben and killed Zoe while Ben killed Widmore. ("What They Died For")
  • The Man in Black became mortal after he had Desmond remove the Cork at the Island's Source, and he and Jack engaged in the Battle for the Island, the last battle of the war. Jack was nearly killed, but Kate shot the Man in Black from behind. Jack then finally killed the Man in Black by kicking him off the Island's cliff to his death, ending the War. ("The End")

Minor confrontations[]

Season 1[]

1X15 JackEthan

Jack holds Ethan down after their fight. ("Homecoming")  (promotional still)

Season 2[]


Jack prevents Locke from pushing the button. ("One of Them")  (promotional still)

Season 3[]

3X04 PickettSawyerCage

Pickett grabs Sawyer out of his cage. ("Every Man for Himself")  (promotional still)

Season 4[]


Ben attacks Keamy with his telescopic baton. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")  (promotional still)

Season 5[]


Second intruder falls over balcony. ("Because You Left")

Season 6[]


Sayid stabbed the Man in Black, using the dagger provided by Dogen. ("Sundown")

Flash sideways[]

  • Sayid vs. Omar: When Keamy was talking to Sayid about his brother's debt, Sayid hit Omar and used him as a human shield. ("Sundown")

Desmond shows Ben something. ("What They Died For")


3x13 TMFT locke falls

Locke falls eight stories. ("The Man from Tallahassee")

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