CC Island Map

The Complete Collection island map is a map that comes included with the Lost: The Complete Collection series disc set. Twisting the map 90 degrees to the right and pulling upwards reveals a hidden disc, filled with promised bonus features.

The map itself is a raised-relief map based on Rousseau's map. While there is no writing on it, the two mountain ranges, the volcano, the Mesa, 3 rivers, and Hydra Island are clearly displayed. No man-made structures are visible. Several survey lines are drawn across the water. The map also features a hieroglyphic symbol in each corner taken from the Senet game board. The bottom half of an ankh is displayed at the top of the map and the top half at the bottom which align with the base when the map is twisted to the right. Also, using the black light enclosed in the box reveals an image of the frozen wheel across the map. The map is also featured in the Region 2 Complete Collection set, however it is completely flat, does not conceal a hidden disc, or feature an image of the donkey wheel.

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