A Compass Bearing of 305° used by Frank on the helicopter in ("The Constant").


325 degrees is the bearing mentioned by Ben in "Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1".

After giving Michael a boat, Ben told him that if he followed that bearing he would "find rescue" from the Island.

BEN: "Do you know how to drive a boat?"

MICHAEL: "Yeah, I can drive a boat."

BEN: "Good, 'cause you're gonna take this boat and follow a compass bearing of 325 and if you do that exactly, you and your son will find rescue."

MICHAEL: "Well that's it, I follow the bearing and me and my son get rescued?"

BEN: "Yes."


  • In "The Economist" Daniel told Frank to make certain that he followed the same exact bearing that they came in on.
  • In "I Do", John was pounding Mr. Eko's prayer stick into the ground at his burial site. John was thanking Eko for "helping him find his way" but suddenly stopped and noticed the writing on the stick, as it was facing him. It read, "Lift up your eyes and look north John 3:05". Later, in "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead" when Kate ran into John and Sayid, they explained to her that they "got a compass bearing". Sayid told Kate that Locke knew this "because of the way the light hit Eko's stick when he was burying him". In the next episode, "Enter 77", Locke asked Sayid "if they are still on course?" Sayid replied, "We are still on a bearing of 3-0-5".

After the island moves

  • In "The Lie", after the island moved and the time shifts began, Juliet suggested escaping on the Zodiac raft. However, Daniel said he would have to calculate a new bearing based on "where we are now, in time."


  • In "Lighthouse" Jacob instructed Hurley to rotate the lighthouse mirrors to 108°, which was the total of all of the 'numbers' summed together, suggesting that this was the new bearing.


  • The 25th episode of Season 3 (I.e. Episode 3.25) of Gilligan's Island concerns Gilligan's discovery of an "ancient stone tablet" that is thought by The Professor to reveal how to get off the island.
  • If Aaron is counted, then there were 325 people aboard Flight 815.