Sayid using a compass in ("Hearts and Minds").

Compasses have been used by a number of characters in Lost, most often for navigation. They are necessary for getting to and from the Island on the correct bearing; however, they do not appear to function correctly on the Island.

On the Island

Richard's compass

  • Richard Alpert gave Locke his compass, instructing him to give it back to him the next time Locke saw him. ("Because You Left") When Locke time-shifted to 1954, he gave the compass to Richard in order to prove he was from the future. ("Jughead") In 2007, The Man in Black posing as Locke told Richard to give the compass to Locke, thereby creating a time loop. ("Follow the Leader") It is also something of a self-contained paradox, since the compass was never created.

Other compasses

Off the Island

  • A brass compass was one of the items Richard Alpert showed to five-year-old John Locke as a test. ("Cabin Fever")

Find 815

In Lost: Via Domus

In the semi-canon videogame Lost: Via Domus, Elliott Maslow found a compass in the caves with the inscription "Via Domus" next to a skeleton reminiscent of Adam and Eve. ("Via Domus") Elliott used the compass to navigate around the Island, and it eventually led him to the Swan's reactor in the Incident Room. ("Hotel Persephone") He later learned that the compass was placed by the Others for him to find. ("Worth A Thousand Words")

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