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Episode 8 - "Collision"

Written by: Leonard Dick and Javier Grillo-Marxuach

Directed by: Stephen Williams

Act 1[]

[Flashback - Ana shooting at a firing range. Scene switches to Ana at the office of Matthew Reed, her therapist.]

MATTHEW: So how're you doing?

ANA LUCIA: Well, the family with the screaming baby moved.

MATTHEW: You must be thrilled.

ANA LUCIA: Actually, it's too quiet now.

MATTHEW: So, how's Danny -- you two trying to work things out?

ANA LUCIA: There's nothing to work out. He left.

MATTHEW: You okay with that?

ANA LUCIA: I guess you could say I'm one of those people that's just better off alone.

MATTHEW: So, how was the firing range?


MATTHEW: How did it feel to hold a gun again?

ANA LUCIA: Very good.

MATTHEW: All these steps count, Ana. You've come a long way since we met 4 months ago.

ANA LUCIA: Did she say -- you know, when I can come back to work?

MATTHEW: She left the final determination up to me.


MATTHEW: Do you think you're ready?

ANA LUCIA: What do you think?

[He hands Ana her badge. Shot of her LAPD badge.]

MATTHEW: [off camera] Welcome back to the force, Officer Cortez.

[On-Island - Scene switches to right after Ana shot Shannon. Sayid pulls out his gun and goes after Ana.]

MICHAEL: Sayid! Sayid, no!

[Eko tackles Sayid and they fight. Ana cold-cocks Sayid, and grabs the gun.]

MICHAEL: Hey, hey!

ANA LUCIA: [pointing the gun at Michael] Don't move! Nobody move!

Act 2[]

ANA LUCIA: Nobody move! Nobody! [to Eko] Does he have anything else on him?

EKO: What?

ANA LUCIA: He just had a gun to your neck -- check to see if he had anything else on him?

MICHAEL: Hey, put it down.

ANA LUCIA: [pointing the gun at Michael] Stop.

MICHAEL: Are you crazy? Don't point that at me?

ANA LUCIA: I said stop!

MICHAEL: What is your problem, huh?!

[Ana fires off a warning round.]


JIN: 야, 너 미쳤어?

ANA LUCIA: Get back! Get back, both of you!

MICHAEL: Are you crazy?




ANA LUCIA: [to Eko] We need to tie him up.

EKO: I'm not tying him up.

ANA LUCIA: He tried to kill you.

EKO: No.

ANA LUCIA: [pointing the gun at Libby] You, you do it. Tie him. Use the vines from the stretcher.

MICHAEL: Hey, if we take that thing apart we won't be able to...

ANA LUCIA: Shut up!

LIBBY: Ana, Sawyer needs a doctor or he'll die.

ANA LUCIA: I know what I'm doing.

[Flashback - Ana at the police station.]

CAPTAIN: I hope this is all of it.

RAGGS: That's all we've got right now.


RAGGS: Thanks, Captain.

[Ana knocks at the Captain's open door.]

CAPTAIN: Come on in.

RAGGS: Hey, look who's here. Good to see you Ana Lucia, welcome back.

ANA LUCIA: Thanks, Raggs.

RAGGS: I'll get you those IRs, Captain.


RAGGS: You've got it.

CAPTAIN: [to Ana] How are you?

ANA LUCIA: Good. Fine.

CAPTAIN: Good. Your assignment.

ANA LUCIA: Evidence? You're putting me behind a desk?

CAPTAIN: Is that a problem?

ANA LUCIA: I want patrol.

CAPTAIN: I don't care what you want.

ANA LUCIA: Just put me in a car.

CAPTAIN: You were in an officer involve shooting -- no.

ANA LUCIA: [Speaking in Spanish] [Subtitle: You're doing this because you're my Captain? Or because you're my mother?]


ANA LUCIA: I need to be back on the street. Please.

CAPTAIN: I put you in a car -- everyone's going to know I pulled strings. You don't want me to treat you like my daughter? Don't ask for favors.

ANA LUCIA: Then transfer me.

[Ana's mother/Captain fills out a form.]

CAPTAIN: You don't get the transfer, but I'll give you the car. Happy?

RAGGS: Sorry to bother you Captain -- Ana, there's a call for you in the bullpen, they say it's real important.

ANA LUCIA: Thanks, Raggs, I'll be right there.

CAPTAIN: They got you a cake, try and act surprised.

[On-Island - Jack filling a water bottle, Rose approaches.]

ROSE: Jack, nice to see you out of the Hatch. You could use more sunshine.

JACK: I'll take that under advisement.

ROSE: A little fruit might do you good, too. Good for the constitution -- at least that's what they say.

JACK: Well, if that's what they say. [Jack takes a piece of fruit from Rose.]

ROSE: Mmmm?

JACK: Where'd you get these?

ROSE: Well, now just because you're a little excited -- no reason to talk with your mouth full.

[Something drops out of the sky into the water trough Jack was using to fill his bottle. Jack grabs it, and finds it's a golf ball.]

HURLEY: Past the hanging tree, double or nothing.

KATE: You sure?

HURLEY: Dude, double or nothing, there's no way you're hitting it that far.

CHARLIE: Hurley, the woman's on bloody steroids.

KATE: Double's 10 thousand bucks.

CHARLIE: Oh, that's nothing to someone who's worth 150 million dollars. He'll build you your own course, if you'd like.

KATE: What are you talking about?

HURLEY: Ignore him, he's an idiot.

[Kate swings and wins the bet.]


JACK: [entering] You hooked it. Try keeping your left arm straight.

KATE: You giving me tips?

JACK: Kate, I'm -- I'm a doctor.

KATE: So, you think you could do better?

JACK: [chuckling] Anyone can hit a ball. That's not golf.

KATE: And what's golf?

JACK: Golf is accuracy.

KATE: Well, why don't we play a few holes and see which one of us is more accurate.

CHARLIE: Oooh, fighting talk.

JACK: You're kidding, right?

KATE: 3 holes, no handicap, we play for bragging rights. What are we waiting for?

[Eko giving a very sick and shaking Sawyer some water.]

LIBBY: Ana, let's just get to their camp. It was an accident; they'll understand.

ANA LUCIA: They'll understand? I killed one of them. [motioning to Jin and Michael] If those two move, shout.

LIBBY: Wait, what are you doing?

[Ana walks over to Sayid.]

SAYID: Untie me.

ANA LUCIA: I'm not-

SAYID: Untie me!!!


[Eko lifts Sawyer onto his back.]

ANA LUCIA: What are you doing?

EKO: I'm taking him back to his camp.

ANA LUCIA: Don't leave, please. If that were you, he'd let you die.

EKO: I'm not doing it for him. I'm doing it for me.

Act 3[]

[Flashback - Ana and her partner, Big Mike, on patrol.]

BIG MIKE: So'd the shrink give you any good drugs?

ANA LUCIA: [laughing] Not that kind of shrink.

BIG MIKE: Did you miss me?

ANA LUCIA: Boy, did I.

BIG MIKE: I heard about you and Danny. Want me to go kick his ass for you?

ANA LUCIA: Nah. It's better this way. What are we doing in Westwood?

BIG MIKE: I thought a change of scenery would be nice -- a nice safe neighborhood for your first day back.

ANA LUCIA: This was her idea, wasn't it?

BIG MIKE: She is the Captain.


POLICE RADIO VOICE: 809, please respond to a domestic disturbance call at 2210 South Veteran.

ANA LUCIA: This is 8 Adam-16.

BIG MIKE: That's not our call.

POLICE RADIO VOICE: Go ahead Adam-16.

ANA LUCIA: We're just 3 blocks from away from that call on Veteran. We got it.

POLICE RADIO VOICE: Copy that, 8 Adam-16.

[Ana and Big Mike put on their siren. Scene switches to the domestic disturbance. A woman with a baby is fighting with a guy moving stuff.]

SHAWNA: Where are you going? What are you doing?! Drop the TV, Travis. The TV's mine.

[Ana and Big Mike pull up.]

TRAVIS: I bought it with my money.


TRAVIS: Did you call the cops?!!

SHAWNA: What?!

TRAVIS: Do something useful, Shawna, shut your trap!

SHAWNA: Arrest him; he is stealing my TV! He cannot get away with this!

TRAVIS: She hit me! She hit me!

BIG MIKE: Hey, enough, all of you! Both of you!

ANA LUCIA: [pulling her gun] Put your hands where I can see them! Get down on the ground!

BIG MIKE: Officer Cortez!

ANA LUCIA: Ma'am, get your baby upstairs.

BIG MIKE: Ana Lucia!

ANA LUCIA: Hands on the ground!

BIG MIKE: Ana Lucia! He is down. Holster your weapon. Now.

[On-Island - Ana with Sayid and the rest of the group.]

LIBBY: Hey, I think you should let him go.

ANA LUCIA: No. He's going to come after me.

LIBBY: You don't know that.

ANA LUCIA: I killed someone he loves.

[Michael gets up to give Sayid water.]

ANA LUCIA: Sit down. Now.

MICHAEL: I'm bringing him water. You going to shoot me? Shoot me.

ANA LUCIA: Don't even think of untying him.

[Michael gives Sayid some water.]

SAYID: Who is that woman?

MICHAEL: Her name is Ana Lucia. She was on the plane -- tail section -- they all were. We were bringing them back.

SAYID: Where is Walt?

MICHAEL: They took him -- the Others.

SAYID: What do you mean they took him?

MICHAEL: From the raft -- the night we left.

[Sayid grunts and struggles.]

MICHAEL: Hey, man. Hey, we're going to get out of this, man.

[Jack throws a golf tee to the ground.]

JACK: Guess you're first.

KATE: Lucky me.

JACK: You know the lady's tee at my golf club back home is about 10 feet closer so if you...

KATE: Shut up, Jack.

[Kate swings and gets the ball very close to the hole.]

JACK: Nice.

KATE: You're up.

[Jack swings and his ball goes into the trees.]

KATE: Wow, you really put it in there.

[Jack crossing over a little creek to get to his ball.]

KATE: We have more balls; you could always just take a drop.

JACK: I'm good. [Jack finds his ball] Got it.

[Kate sees something behind Jack.]

JACK: You may want to move. [He sees the worried look on her face] What?

[Eko enters carrying Sawyer.]

EKO: Where is the doctor?

[Locke in the Hatch doing a crossword puzzle. The clue he's looking at is 42 down: Enkidu's friend. Locke fills in Gilgamesh. Jack and Kate enter.]

JACK: I got him. I got him.

KATE: Where are we headed?

JACK: Bathroom. He's burning up. We've got to get him in the shower -- bring his fever down.

KATE: What can I do?

JACK: Okay, go through the medical stash; there's a bottle of Ofloxacin...

KATE: Ofloxacin.

JACK: Ofloxacin -- little white pills. Bring the alcohol and some gauge patches, and strip that bed and make sure it has clean sheets on it. Kate?!

KATE: Uh, yeah, yeah.

[Kate exits and Jack tends to Sawyer's wound. Locke enters and we hear the blip sound of the timer.]

LOCKE: What happened?

JACK: John, the button.

[Locke exits and Jack turns the shower on Sawyer. Eko examines the Swan DHARMA logo. We hear the timer reset to 108. Locke enters.]

LOCKE: Hello.

EKO: Hello.

[Ana and the rest of the group with Sayid.]

BERNARD: [sitting next to Ana] Hey, what are we doing here, Ana? I mean, their camp has got to be close. I just want to get back to my wife.

ANA LUCIA: How long have I kept you alive out here, Bernard? [Bernard bows his head] That's right. So cut me some slack.

LIBBY: Hey, we just want to know what you're doing. What's the plan?

SAYID: She has no plan. She only has her guilt and a gun.

ANA LUCIA: You want a plan? [to Michael] Do you have any ammo, back at your camp?


ANA LUCIA: Ammo -- for the gun -- do you have any back at your camp?

MICHAEL: Yeah, a couple boxes.

ANA LUCIA: Alright, I want it -- at least half. And I'll need a pack -- a big one -- a blanket, some medicine, clothes -- jeans and socks -- you getting all this?

MICHAEL: Yeah, I got it.

ANA LUCIA: Alright, you bring all of that stuff back to me and I'll let your friend go.

MICHAEL: I'm not leaving them.

LIBBY: Michael, you should.

MICHAEL: No. We stay together.

JIN: Go. 사이드를 절대로 다치게 할 수는 없어.

MICHAEL: [to Jin] I'll be back, man.

LIBBY: Ana, what are you doing? You can't live out here alone.

ANA LUCIA: I'm already alone.

Act 4[]

[Flashback - Ana and Big Mike arrive in the LAPD parking lot.]

BIG MIKE: I'll sign us out.

ANA LUCIA: What, you talking to me, now?

BIG MIKE: I just want to go home A-L.

ANA LUCIA: Hey, I ordered that guy to stop twice.

BIG MIKE: So does that mean every time we run into some yo-yo with a TV in his hands, you're going to draw down?

RAGGS: [entering] Hey, Ana Lucia -- your guy -- we got him.

[We see a suspect in an interrogation room from the other side of the mirrored glass.]

CAPTAIN: His name is Jason McCormick. We picked him up on an assault on an elderly woman in Echo Park. His fingerprints matched a partial from your crime scene. We questioned him and he confessed. The D.A. is ready to file charges -- all he needs is for you to I.D. him.

ANA LUCIA: It's not him.

CAPTAIN: He confessed.

ANA LUCIA: I don't know him.

CAPTAIN: [to the lawyers in the room] Can you guys give us a minute? [to Ana] Why are you doing this?

ANA LUCIA: Because it's not him.

CAPTAIN: He put 4 bullets into you -- hollow points through your vest -- he tried to kill you. You want a list of his priors? You want to put this guy back out on the street?

ANA LUCIA: It's not him.

[On-Island - Ana walks over to Shannon's body and is sad.]

[Scene switches to Eko looking into the gun vault in the Hatch. Locke enters.]

LOCKE: What happened? Out there -- what happened?

EKO: There was an accident.

LOCKE: What kind of accident?

EKO: A girl was shot and killed.

LOCKE: What did she look like?

EKO: She was tall with blonde hair. There was an Arab man...

LOCKE: Shannon. You said there were 5 of you from the tail section?

EKO: 4.

LOCKE: 4 -- why didn't the rest of them come back with you? And Michael, Jin?

EKO: They cannot come back right now.

LOCKE: Can you take me to them?

EKO: [looking at the guns] No.

[Kate brings the anti-biotics and some water to Jack and Sawyer.]

KATE: Here you go. What's happening? Why is he shaking?

JACK: He's septic. The infection's gotten into the blood stream. If the anti-biotics don't bring the fever down he'll go into shock. Hold him up.

KATE: Okay, I've got him.

[Jack puts a pill in his mouth and pours some water in. Sawyer coughs it out.]

JACK: Swallow it, swallow it, swallow it.

KATE: I'll do it.

JACK: No, no, I've got it.

KATE: I can do it. [quietly to Sawyer] Sawyer? Hey, you have to listen to me, okay? The only way that you are going to get better is if you take this pill. So I want you to swallow it, okay? Okay, here we go. [She puts the pill in his mouth and holds up the glass for him to drink] Now swallow, swallow. Good, good.

JACK: Nice job. I never learned the whole whisper-in-the-ear thing in med school.

[Ana and the group with Sayid. Bernard is picking up his bags.]

ANA LUCIA: What are you doing?

BERNARD: I'm going, Ana. I don't want to be a part of this. I know everything you've done for us, and I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for you. But I'm going.

ANA LUCIA: [to Libby] What about you?

LIBBY: I just don't think you're the best judge of character. I was with you when you put Nathan in the pit.

ANA LUCIA: Alright, you want to go? Go. Leave. [To Jin] You -- go.

[Jin looks at Sayid who nods for him to go.]

ANA LUCIA: Get out of here. Go.

Act 5[]

[Michael running through the jungle. He comes out of the jungle and sees Sun at her garden.]

SUN: Michael!

MICHAEL: Hi. Listen, it's alright. Jin is okay.

SUN: Where is he?

MICHAEL: He's fine; and I'll explain. But right now, I need to find Jack.

[Jack talking to Eko in the Hatch.]

JACK: [angry] Where are they? [Eko doesn't answer] I said, where are they?

LOCKE: Jack, it's not his fault...

JACK: Shannon's dead! I'm not... [to Eko] You're going to take me back out there, right now.

LOCKE: This man isn't the problem. He brought Sawyer back.

JACK: Half-dead with a bullet hole in his shoulder, John! [to Eko] Are you going to talk to me or are you just going to sit there?

EKO: Anything I say will only make you angry. So, yes, I will sit here.

SUN: [entering with Michael] Jack! Jack! Jack!

JACK: Michael. [They hug]

MICHAEL: We've got a problem, man.

[We see Jack loading a rifle.]

JACK: You remember how to get out there, right?

MICHAEL: Yeah, I think so.

LOCKE: We should stop and think about this, Jack.

JACK: Think about what, John? Shannon's dead, Sayid's being held at gunpoint. You want to sit and hope that situation resolves itself -- be my guest. [Handing Michael a gun] You know how to use this?

MICHAEL: Yes, sir.

EKO: Stop! Please. What do you want?

JACK: Excuse me?

EKO: Peace? Revenge? Justice? And you are going out with all these guns? What do you want?

JACK: I want all of our people back here safely. Your friend murdered-

EKO: Ana Lucia made a mistake.

JACK: What did you say?

EKO: Ana Lucia made a mistake.

JACK: Ana Lucia.

EKO: I will take you there. But only you, and no guns.

JACK: Let's go.

[Ana repeatedly removing and re-engaging the magazine of the gun.]

ANA LUCIA: Where are you from? [Sayid doesn't answer.] Where are you from?

SAYID: I'm from Iraq.

ANA LUCIA: Do you have any kids?

SAYID: Why are you asking me if I have children?

ANA LUCIA: I'm curious.

SAYID: I do not. Do you have children?


SAYID: Are you going to kill me? That's what you're thinking about, isn't it?

ANA LUCIA: Should I?

SAYID: Almost 40 days ago on this very Island I tied a man to a tree and tortured him. I tortured him as I've tortured many men -- men whose voices I still hear in the night. Should you kill me? Maybe you should. Maybe you were meant to.

ANA LUCIA: I'm a cop... I was a cop. One night my partner and I responded to a burglary call. We were the first ones there. I covered the front and he went around the back. I was there a minute and then this kid comes right through the front door -- I tell him to put his hands up -- and he says I'm making a mistake -- that he's a student and he wants to show me his I.D. I believed him. I just -- I let him reach. All I remember was a pop. By the time I hit the ground I thought I was dead. I feel dead.

SAYID: What happened to him -- the man who shot you?

[Flashback - Ana is in a bar. We see the guy who had been in custody before leaving the bar. Ana gets up and follows.]

ANA LUCIA: Hey, Jason.

JASON: I know you?

ANA LUCIA: [pulling her gun] I was pregnant.

[Ana shoots 3 times, walks over and shoots 3 more times.]


SAYID: What happened to him?

ANA LUCIA: Nothing. They never found him. [She picks up Eko's homemade knife and swings it at Sayid, but only to cut the ropes. Then she drops the knife and gun at Sayid's feet.] Go ahead, pick it up, I deserve it.

SAYID: What good it would be to kill you if we're both already dead?

[Sayid goes to Shannon's body to carry it back.]

Act 6[]

[Kate with Sawyer who is shivering.]

KATE: Hey! Hey, can you hear me? You're going to be okay. You're going to be alright. You're home.

[Montage of Michael finding Vincent on the beach; Bernard, Libby, and Jin coming to the beach; Charlie and a bunch of redshirts greet them; Bernard and Rose reunite; Sun and Jin reunite; Eko and Jack come across Sayid carrying Shannon followed by Ana. Jack and Ana stare at each other.]