Lockheed HC-130 number 1717
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United States Coast Guard
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A United States Coast Guard Lockheed HC-130 transport plane number 1717 transported the Oceanic Six from an unknown origin to Kalaeloa Airport in Hawaii. The plane was piloted by a Coast Guard pilot and his superstitious co-pilot. The plane also carried Karen Decker, representative of Oceanic Airlines, the Oceanic Six, and a third unidentified crewman (sitting in the shade, at the front of the cargo hold).

Upon landing in Hawaii, the six left the plane from the back cargo dock to meet their families. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

At a press conference immediately following, reporters were told that the Oceanic Six were rescued and had been brought from Sumba in Indonesia, presumably where the Coast Guard flight originated. However the area was not in the Pacific but in the Indian Ocean 6500 miles from Hawaii and far beyond the operating range of the US Coast Guard or of the HC-130 which has a maximum range of 4500 nm.

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