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©2010 Varèse Sarabande and Michael Giacchino

"Closure" is an orchestral piece from the Season 6 soundtrack. At over eight minutes, it is the longest piece on any soundtrack.

Scene description

Locke gets out of a cab and into his wheelchair. On his way to the church, he passes Ben, who sits outside it. They talk, and Ben admits having been jealous of Locke's supposed specialness. He apologizes for killing Locke, and Locke forgives him. Ben then suggests Locke abandon his wheelchair. He does, and he enters the church on his own two feet.

On the Island, Hurley comes to terms with Jack's death. His new job overwhelms him, but Ben suggests Hurley can run things differently than Jacob did, starting with returning Desmond home. Hurley asks him to join him as an advisor, and Ben happily accepts. At the church, Hurley looks outside and invites Ben in. Ben refuses, wishing to remain outside to work some things out. They commend each other on the jobs each on the island.

Jack and Kate arrive. Jack is confused to be at his father's funeral site, but Kate reassures him before leaving to enter the church. On the island, Jack stands up, having left the Heart chamber and awoken in the jungle. Back in the flash sideways, he enters the church.


The piece begins with the LAX theme, which blends with Locke's third theme. Ben's theme follows it, eventually briefly blending with his flash sideways theme. Locke's first theme then plays, and his second theme and the home theme play together after it.

The second movement starts with the main theme. Hurley's second theme plays next, quickly giving way to his third theme. The main theme returns. Then Ben's theme plays again.

Jack and Kate's theme starts the next movement, followed by Jack's theme, which finishes the piece.

Title significance

Closure involves reaching emotional satisfaction regarding personal challenges and difficulties. Several characters achieve closure to series-long goals during this piece, including Locke (forgiving Ben), Ben (being forgiven by Locke, getting a new motivation in life on the Island, and being thanked for his role by Hurley), Hurley (taking on a leadership role), and Jack (successfully saving the Island). The series finale itself is intended to bring closure to viewers of the show.

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