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Claudia is the biological mother of Jacob and The Man in Black.


Approximately 2,000 years before the crash of Oceanic 815, Claudia was shipwrecked on the Island while pregnant. She met a woman, who fed her and took care of her injuries. Claudia asked her questions, but the woman insisted that she rest instead as every question she asks will lead to another. She refused to let Claudia search for other survivors, saying that if there were any, she would find them herself.

When Claudia went into labor, the woman helped deliver the baby, whom Claudia named Jacob. As she was laying Jacob down, Claudia realized that she was carrying twins and the second boy, the Man in Black was birthed. Claudia had only expected one child, so she did not have a second name planned. When Claudia asked to see the child, the woman apologized before striking her with a rock several times, killing her.

Post death

Claudia appeared to the Man in Black when he he was thirteen years old, while he was playing Senet with Jacob. Jacob was unable to see her. The Man in Black excused himself and went after Claudia. She explained that Jacob could not see her because she is dead. She then shows him a village populated by passengers from the same ship she came on, informing him that he is also from across the sea. She told him that she is his real mother and was murdered by the other woman. ("Across the Sea")

Name references

  • In Roman mythology, Claudia was a Vestal Virgin best known for briefly abandoning the Vestal Code in order to save her father from the hands of an angry tribune. Despite her ignorance of the rules, she was regarded as a hero because of her love and adoration for her father. Afterward, she was allowed to return to the Temple of Vesta to continue tending the Fire of Vesta.
  • Claudia is the feminine form of Claudius, which means "lame" or "crippled" in Latin.
  • Saint Claudia was the wife of Pontius Pilate in the Bible. She requested that Pilate not kill Jesus due to a dream in which she suffered on account of him. The only mention of the name Claudia in the Bible, however, is in Second Epistle to Timothy 4:21: "Eubulus, Pudens, Linus and Claudia send their greetings, and so all the other Christians."


  • The red dress that Claudia is wearing is a Roman stola which was the accepted dress for married civilian women from the 2nd century BC until the late 3rd century AD.
  • The casting call described her as "[LAUREN], Mediterranean looks, early to mid 20s... Attractive. Finds strength through desperation. Confident and maternal. CO-STAR." [1]

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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