Claire Littleton is one of the middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. She is Jack Shephard's half-sister, although she does not know this. She is the mother of Aaron Littleton who was born on the Island soon after the crash, and has done her best to take care of him. When she was seventeen, Claire was involved in a car crash which caused her mother to fall into a coma for five years, but in turn led her to meet her true father for the first time since he left. During her time on the Island, she entered an inconsistent relationship with fellow survivor, Charlie Pace; she was reluctant to let Charlie into Aaron's life because of Charlie's drug use and his resultant erratic behavior. Aaron was a focal interest point within the Others, and Claire was almost deceived into giving him away and on many occasions Claire's faith towards motherhood has been tested. Following Charlie's tragic death, Claire joined Locke's group. She left Locke's group with Aaron, Sawyer and Miles, and then followed her dead father Christian Shephard into the jungle. She was last seen with Christian in Jacob's cabin by Locke.

Before the crash


Born on October 27, 1982 in Australia, Claire was raised by Carole Littleton, a single mother who had become pregnant as a result of an affair with Claire's father, Christian Shephard. According to her daughter, Carole was a librarian. Christian visited Claire many times when she was a baby, but stopped visiting because, according to him, her aunt Lindsey hated him, and Carole couldn't cope with him having another family in America. Claire was raised to believe that her father died when she was two years old. ("Par Avion")

As an adolescent, Claire rebelled against her mother, dressing in a vaguely gothic style and working in a piercing and tattoo parlor. ("Par Avion")

Car accident


Claire at the tattoo parlor. ("Par Avion")  (promotional still)

As a teenager, Claire got into a car accident where a truck forced her car off the road during a heated argument with her mother. When Claire woke up, she climbed out the car and found her mother unconscious on the ground. ("Par Avion")

Later that day, Claire and her mother Carole were taken to the hospital. While her head was being stitched, she was questioned by Officer Barnes about the accident. Claire became extremely defensive, as she thought he was implying the accident was her fault. After this she went home for a shower, and returned to the hospital to see her mother. Upon entering her room, Claire found her Aunt Lindsey watching over her mother. She accused Claire of not caring for her mother. They were interrupted by the doctor, who indicated that Carole may be in a permanent coma. Furthermore, Lindsey told the doctor that she couldn't afford medical treatment to support Carole but he revealed the costs were being paid by an anonymous benefactor. ("Par Avion")

3X12 ChristianHospital

Claire meets her father for the first time. ("Par Avion")

At a later visit to her mother, Claire found an American doctor touching Carole's arm. When Lindsey entered the room, she immediately recognized the doctor and demanded to know why he was there. They began to argue, which led to the revelation that he, Christian Shephard, was Claire's father, whom she believed was dead. Sometime later, Claire was working in a tattoo and piercing parlor. Once she finished with her client, Christian approached Claire and asked her to join him for coffee before he left Australia. She angrily agreed and joined him. During the meeting, Christian explained how he and her mother met, which led to her becoming pregnant. He also told her how he visited them when she was a child, but their relationship deteriorated due to his commitment to his family in America, something her mother and aunt Lindsey resented. When he tried to persuade Claire to turn off her mother's life support machine, Claire left, not even knowing her father's name. ("Par Avion")



Claire and Thomas find out they are to be parents. ("Raised by Another")  (promotional still)

Sometime later, while working at the Fish & Fry restaurant for five dollars an hour, Claire's path seemed to be dead-end and predictable. Her life changed when she and her boyfriend Thomas realized they were to become parents. Although Claire was petrified by the idea, Thomas eventually changed her mind, claiming it could be the best thing ever. An excited Claire told her friend Rachel, the news on the way to see Richard Malkin, who claimed to be a psychic. As Claire was interested in astrology and horoscopes, they thought it would be worth a visit. As the reading took place, Richard refused to continue the reading and escorted them out of the house. Sometime after this, Claire was in the process of redecorating the apartment. While hanging her new drapes, Thomas revealed to Claire he felt ill-equipped to become the father for their child. After a heated argument with Claire, Thomas stormed out of the apartment, leaving Claire as single mother-to-be. ("Raised by Another")

She returned to Richard Malkin's house, and requested a second reading. During the reading, he told Claire he knew Thomas had left her, and when she asked him to continue, he revealed that it was crucial for Claire to raise her child herself, and that her goodness must be an influence on the child's development. Claire interrupted, and told him that she would put the baby up for adoption if Thomas didn't return. She left the house after he aggressively tried to convince her to raise the baby herself. ("Raised by Another")

3X12 ClaireCaroleHospital

Claire visits her comatose mother and confesses her pregnancy. ("Par Avion")

As a part of her daily life, Claire continued to visit her mother in the hospital. As she entered the room, Claire switched on the television and told her comatose mother she was pregnant and planned to give the child up for adoption. She expressed astonishment that her mother had been able to raise her without any assistance and sobbed an apology for being so terrible to her as a teenager. Claire finally admitted to herself that she was responsible for their car accident. ("Par Avion")


Claire doubts her decision to give up her unborn baby. ("Raised by Another")

Upon meeting with her child's adoptive parents, Arlene and Joseph Stewart, Claire prepared to sign away rights to her unborn child. The solicitor reminded her she would not have any rights to see the child and Claire would be paid upon the birth. She requested that the Stewarts sing the lullaby "Catch a Falling Star" to the baby, as it was the song her father used to sing to her. As Claire was about to sign the papers, two pens she tried to use did not work. Her doubts at relinquishing her child surfaced at this ill omen and she ran out of the room. ("Raised by Another")

Claire returned to Richard Malkin, who told her that her baby would be safe if she gave it to a couple in Los Angeles who he said were good people. He gave her a ticket for Oceanic Flight 815, and Claire left for what she believed was a new life in America. However when she learned that the flight was so soon, she was put off by the idea; Malkin then insisted she must take that flight. ("Raised by Another")

On the plane, passenger Leslie Arzt helped put her bags in the overhead compartment. ("Exodus, Part 2")

On the Island

Season 1 (Days 1-44)


Jack aids Claire, who he believes may be in labor. ("Pilot, Part 1")  (promotional still)

After the crash, Claire believed she was going into labor. She panicked and called for help. Eventually Jack came over and helped her. He told Hurley to keep an eye on Claire and get her away from the fumes. Later, Jack saved Claire from one of the wings when it fell and almost crushed her and Hurley. At nightfall, Charlie introduced himself and offered his blanket. They joked about the crash and he reassured her that everything would be fine. Soon after, Claire and the survivors heard mysterious sounds in the jungle. ("Pilot, Part 1") ("Greatest Hits")

The next day, Claire was constantly worried about the state of her baby, and told Shannon she hadn't felt it move since the crash. When Jin offered her a fish, she reluctantly took it and as soon as she took a bite was overjoyed when she felt the baby kick. She surprised herself when she subconsciously referred to the baby as "him." ("Pilot, Part 2")

Three days after the crash, Charlie helped Claire move her luggage away from the wreckage. Their friendship began to blossom, but Charlie had to lie when Claire asked about the results of the trek into the jungle to get a signal on the transceiver. ("Tabula Rasa")


Claire, Hurley and Boone lead the memorial service for the casualties of 815. ("Walkabout")  (promotional still)

After sorting through the belongings of the deceased, Claire suggested Jack lead a memorial service for those who had died in the crash. Jack turned her down so she decided to lead it herself. Claire made it her priority to sort through the luggage to personalize the memorial. During this she found a letter addressed to Sayid, which he thought he'd lost. Sawyer also handed her a stack of wallets which were useful for the memorabilia. With the assistance of Hurley and Boone, the service was held during the burning of the fuselage. ("Walkabout")

Kate noticed Claire was feeling a little dizzy while sorting clothes with her. She assists Kate through the sorting and they discuss astrology. Hours later, Walt told her that Claire had collapsed. Michael and Charlie carried her to her tent to cool her off. Kate tried to wake her up, but Charlie warns her that the water supply had ran out as someone had taken the lot. ("White Rabbit")

Charlie looked after Claire while she slept, when she came around she asked if Jack was back and if rescue was coming. She confessed that she felt isolated. She said everyone looked at her as if she was a "time bomb of responsibility, just waiting to go off." Charlie told her he wasn't frightened by her. Later that evening, Boone secretly gave Claire some water and everyone found out he was the one who had taken it. ("White Rabbit")

Charlie tried to convince Claire to live in the caves with him, but she refused. She said she was happy to wait on the beach for rescue, but would go if Charlie found her some peanut butter. All he found was an empty jar, but he gave it to her anyway. Claire was touched by the gesture and agreed to move off the beach. ("Confidence Man")

After moving to the caves, Claire began having nightmares in which someone injected her with a needle and tried to hurt her baby. When she woke up screaming, Charlie calmed her down but noticed her bloody palms. In the morning, Jack ran a diagnosis on her and concluded that it was stress. ("Raised by Another")


Charlie helps Claire following her false labor. ("Raised by Another")  (promotional still)

That night the same thing happened again but this time she saw a man covering her mouth and stabbing her with a needle. The group began to panic and scouted the surrounding area for anyone suspicious. This led to Hurley starting a census, which later revealed that Ethan was not on the plane. Jack questioned Claire once again and offered that she took a sedative to help her sleep. However she knew Jack didn't believe her. She packed her bags and headed back to the beach, where she thought was a safer place. Charlie accompanied her as he was the only one who thought she was in danger. On the way back, she started having contractions, and Charlie encountered Ethan and told him to get Jack. Charlie returned to Claire and they were both accosted by Ethan, who knocked them out and dragged them into the jungle. ("Raised by Another")

1x10 claire 4

Danger forebodes as Charlie and Claire are approached by Ethan. ("Raised by Another")

At some point, Claire regained consciousness and let out a series of screams that drew Jack in her direction. In order to stop the pursuit, Ethan tied Charlie up and hanged him from a tree by his neck. Ethan kept Claire, and they disappeared into the jungle. ("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues")

At the Staff Station


Ethan injects Claire with the unknown vaccine at the Staff. ("Maternity Leave")  (promotional still)

Ethan took Claire to the Staff and drugged her. Claire seemed to think she was back in Australia and told Ethan of her plans to go Los Angeles to give up the baby. Ethan continued to inject Claire with a serum he said would prevent her and the baby from getting sick. She was delirious after this injection. ("Maternity Leave")

Ethan showed Claire the nursery in which her child would live. She was amazed by the colourful pictures and toys, however she asked about Charlie, and what happened to him. Ethan explained that he let him go back. Tom interrupted their conversation and spoke to Ethan outside the door. Claire listened to their conversation as she played with the mobile above the crib, and she heard Tom say Ethan was supposed to make a list before bringing Claire. He mentioned a higher authority and expressed his worries about what he might do. ("Maternity Leave")

Ethan Claire Promo 2x15

Claire and Ethan talk outside. ("Maternity Leave")  (promotional still)

Later on, Claire was knitting a sock for the baby when Ethan proposes they go outside. He took Claire out for a walk and told her his friends were afraid she might run away. He sat Claire down on a log and gave her some water to drink, but she pulled away after taking a sip, saying it was sour. Ethan asked her if she was sure about letting him and his friends take the baby and reassured her that if she was having second thoughts, he and his friends had no right to take the baby away. ("Maternity Leave")

One night, a teenage girl who later turns out to be the daughter of Danielle Rousseau, Alex, came into Claire's room and woke her up. She tried to convince Claire she had to escape, but Claire was reluctant. The girl showed her an operating room and told her they were going to cut the baby out of her. When Claire resisted, the girl knocked her out with chloroform and told her "one day you'll thank me for this", and dragged her outside. ("Maternity Leave")

Claire woke up dazed in the middle of the jungle. She looked around, puzzled about her location. A woman approached her and Claire got frightened and shouted for Ethan, who was searching for her. She struggled with Danielle, scratching her arm, and Danielle knocked her out with her rifle as a last resort. ("Maternity Leave") She took Claire to a place where her fellow survivors would find her and Claire stumbled upon Boone and Locke. ("Special")

After the escape

Claire passed out and was taken back to the caves, where she woke up with no recollection of the crash or any of the events since. Charlie gave Claire her diary, to help trigger memories. He tried to bond with her again, but Claire was standoffish, as in her mind, she had just met him. He explains to her that they were kidnapped together, however she doesn't remember him, or Ethan. ("Homecoming")

The next day, Ethan aggressively confronted Charlie in the jungle. He told him if he didn't get Claire back, he would kill one survivor every night. When Claire asks Charlie if something has happened, he lies to her and claims everything is fine. The survivors set up a guard, but Ethan came from the water and killed Scott Jackson. Claire noticed everyone was looking at her strangely and confronted Shannon, who told her what Ethan had done. Claire was angry with Charlie for lying and not telling her she had caused Scott's death so she told Jack she wanted to help. ("Homecoming")

Claire Bait

Pregnant Claire, acting as bait to lure Ethan. ("Homecoming")  (promotional still)

Jack decided to use Claire as bait for Ethan. Charlie didn't want Claire to put her life at risk, but she insisted. She stood alone in the jungle while Jack, Sawyer, Locke, Sayid and Kate kept watch from the trees. When Ethan appeared, he chased Claire but Jack knocked him down and a fight ensued. When Ethan was on the ground, Jack and the others prepared to interrogate him, but Charlie shot and killed him. Later that night, Claire told Charlie she wanted to trust him, as she remembered peanut butter. Although it would take time, especially after what she had just experienced. ("Homecoming")

Charlie, having never killed before, became withdrawn after Ethan's murder. He distanced himself from Claire, turning her down when she asked him to go for a walk. She told him she was having dreams about events from after the crash and that her memory was starting to come back, but her attempts to reach out failed. After a conversation with Sayid, Charlie perked up a bit and found Claire, asking her if she still wanted that. ("Outlaws")


Claire while building a crib with Locke. ("Numbers")  (promotional still)

Claire was nearly nine months pregnant when Locke asked her to help him with something he was building. She was surprised thinking she wouldn't be much use, but agreed and he helped her up. They talked about what she would name the baby and about her memory. She tells Locke her secret, that she was going to give the baby up for adoption. Claire told Locke it was her birthday, but that it didn't seem important. After many hours of construction, Locke wished her a happy birthday and flipped the object over, revealing it to be a crib. She seemed grateful and thanked him. ("Numbers")

A few days later, Claire went into the jungle feeling dazed and withdrawn. Kate, heading for the caves to help Jack with Boone, came upon her and saw she was in labor. When Claire protested she was fine, Kate assured her she was definitely going into labour. When she tried to get Claire to walk, she realized it was not practical. Kate yelled for help, and Jin came running. Kate sent him to the caves to get Jack, but he was too busy with Boone. Charlie went with Jin back to Claire and told Kate she would have to deliver the baby. When the contractions stopped, Claire said she was fine, but then her waters broke. She wouldn't push and Kate became frightened, but told her the baby belonged to all of them and that she seriously needed to push. Finally, after a lot of effort, Claire gave birth to a baby boy. ("Do No Harm") Kate and Claire had no idea they were being watched by a time traveling Sawyer, who resisted the urge to try and speak to Kate before being sent to another time period. ("The Little Prince")


Claire and her newborn son. Aaron ("Do No Harm")  (promotional still)

Convinced the Others were going to come and take the baby, Claire refused to rest. Both Sun and Charlie told her they would never let anything happen to him, and she finally agreed to sleep. When she awoke, Claire found Charlie and Sawyer. She was amused to find Sawyer reading to the baby to keep him from crying. ("The Greater Good")

While getting a haircut from Claire, Charlie played his guitar for the baby and called him Turniphead. He told Claire he would continue to call him that until she gave him a name. Charlie also offered that when they get rescued, Claire and the baby may stay with him in Los Angeles. She later witnessed Kate's exposure as a criminal. ("Born to Run")

Danielle came to the survivors' camp to warn them the Others were coming. She said she was seven months pregnant when she crashed on the Island, and a week after her daughter was born she saw a pillar of smoke on the horizon. Her baby was taken from her that night. ("Exodus, Part 1")

Later, Charlie and Claire were alone on the beach when Danielle approached again, asking for Sayid. When Charlie went to get him, Danielle asked if she could hold the baby. Claire, clearly against the idea, made up an excuse. However when she saw the scars on Danielle's arms, she had a flash from her kidnapping. She took the baby from Claire and knocked her out. Sun found Claire and called for help. Charlie and Sayid came to her call and Claire begged Charlie to go get Aaron back. He and Sayid headed toward the smoke pillar, realizing Danielle was going to attempt to trade Claire's baby for her own. ("Exodus, Part 2")

1x22 charlie claire

Claire and Charlie's relationship continues to develop. ("Born to Run")

Sun helped Claire to the caves as Charlie and Sayid reached the black smoke. Danielle seemed distraught at not finding the Others and handed the baby over to Charlie. Claire was overjoyed when he returned with Aaron and her bond with Charlie was strengthened. ("Exodus, Part 2")

Season 2 (Days 44-67)

2x02 claire

Claire discovers Charlie's Virgin Mary statue. ("Adrift")

During a conversation with Charlie about how he always made a joke of things, Claire found a Virgin Mary statue in his bag. When she pulled it out, Charlie became unsettled and Claire assumed he was keeping it for spiritual value. ("Adrift")

One day, while taking her usual walk along the beach, Claire found the message bottle the people on the raft had taken with them. She took it out of the water, and she and Shannon brought it to Sun, since her husband was on the raft. Later that evening, after Hurley decided to have a feast with the food from the Hatch, Charlie surprised Claire with a jar of real peanut butter. ("Everybody Hates Hugo")

The next night, Claire heard Shannon's call for help, she took Aaron and went to see what the problem was. However when Sayid assured things were fine, she was scolded by a very paternal Charlie, for bringing Aaron to where something potentially dangerous could've happened. She apologizes to him. ("Abandoned")


Claire learns some parenting skills from Locke. ("Abandoned")  (promotional still)

The following morning, Locke helped her get Aaron to sleep. He taught her a new way to get Aaron off to sleep, swaddling. She spoke about Charlie trying to act like he was Aaron's dad, and that she barely even knew him. Claire also told Locke of the Virgin Mary statue Charlie keeps with him. Later, she praised Locke for the swaddling trick, as Aaron was still sleeping. Claire let him hold the baby but was awkwardly interrupted by Charlie. She thanked Locke for the help with Aaron and he left. ("Abandoned")

After Shannon was killed by one of the newcomers to the beach camp, Claire went to her funeral. She and the other survivors laid flowers on Shannon's grave. ("What Kate Did")

When she introduced herself to Eko, she mentioned Charlie's Virgin Mary statue and Eko demanded to see it. Claire gave it to him and he smashed it, revealing it to be full of heroin. She believed that Charlie was still a heroin addict and he lost her trust. Later he tried to apologize to Claire, but she kicked Charlie out of her tent and told him she didn't want a drug addict around her baby. ("The 23rd Psalm")

With Charlie gone, Claire began spending more time with Locke, who seemed to know a lot about babies. ("The Hunting Party")

Charlie attempted to make up with Claire, however she told him she needed time to herself. After waking up one night to find Charlie had taken Aaron from his crib, the camp looked for the baby. When Hurley found Aaron he called Claire over and she took Aaron from Charlie. When he tried to explain himself, she slapped him across the face and left. After a conversation with Eko, Charlie then believed that Aaron must be baptized. He marched to Claire's tent, only to be stopped by Kate, who told him it's not a good time to interrupt Claire. Charlie tried to tell Claire the baby was in danger, and he needed to be baptized. Claire was shaken but Kate reassured her. She later asked Locke if he could move near her tent, so he could protect her and Aaron. ("Fire + Water")

2x12claire eko

Claire and Aaron are baptised by Eko. ("Fire + Water")  (promotional still)

That night, Charlie started a fire and took Aaron while everyone was distracted. Claire saw him and screamed for help. Charlie insisted the baby needed to be baptized because he was in danger. When he had finally handed Aaron back over to Claire, Locke punched him in the face. Although she was furious with Charlie, Claire took his words to heart and had Eko baptize Aaron on the beach early the next morning. ("Fire + Water")

2X15 ClaireAaron

Claire believes that Aaron is very sick. ("Maternity Leave")  (promotional still)

Aaron developed a rash and Claire became worried. She asked Locke if he could fetch Jack from The Swan to take a look at the Aaron. When he left, Danielle Rousseau arrived at the beach and told Claire the baby had the sickness. Claire had a brief memory of scratching Danielle's arm. Kate chased Rousseau away and asked her what happened, Claire revealed Danielle said that something was wrong with him. Later, Jack tells her Aaron's okay, Claire is still not convinced. ("Maternity Leave")

The next morning, Claire asked Libby for her help in recovering her lost memory. She agreed to help and performed a hypnotic regression on Claire, allowing her to experience a flash from her kidnapping. During the hypnosis, Claire began to scream and panic. Libby calmed her down, and Claire asked her to perform the regression again. Libby refused, but thanks to her flashback Claire now knew where to find medicine. She asked for Kate to join her in the search. Later Claire handed over Aaron to Sun for safekeeping while she's gone. While talking to Sun, Claire remembered another lost memory. Claire then said goodbye to Aaron and left with Kate. ("Maternity Leave")

They eventually found Rousseau and Claire ordered Danielle to take them back to the place where she scratched her. Once there Danielle asked Claire where to next. Confused, Claire shouted back that Rousseau knew, stating that she scratched her because she was trying to take her back to the Others. Rousseau was angered by this and she grabbed Claire. Kate pulled out a gun on Rousseau, but Claire escaped into the jungle and found a tree log, which triggered another memory. When Kate and Rousseau caught up, they found The Staff station together. They searched the station, where Claire found the boot she had knitted for Aaron, which activated another memory. Claire found the fridge but it was empty. She turned to Rousseau and shouted that she knew where the vaccine was, but when she viewed Rousseau's scratched arm, Claire remembered her final memory. She realized that Rousseau saved her, and they left the station together. ("Maternity Leave")

On the way back to the beach, Claire comments that a young girl with blue eyes helped her, just like Danielle did and she was different from the rest. Rousseau thanked her for the information and left them. Back at camp, Jack attended to Aaron and noticed that he was getting better. Claire thanked him for this and when he left she gave Aaron the boot she knitted for him. Telling him that she loves him, the two shared a caring moment together. ("Maternity Leave")

Two days later, Jack confirmed that the fever had completely gone, calming Claire's fears. ("Lockdown")

Claire was present at Bernard's S.O.S speech, and was skeptical about his plan. She laughed with the rest of the camp when Rose embarrassed him in front of the group. In the end, she decided to abandon the plan, along with everyone else, leaving just Bernard to construct the SOS sign. ("S.O.S.")

2X22 ClaireandCharlie-222

Claire holds Charlie's hand during the emotional funeral. ("Three Minutes")  (promotional still)

Claire's anger toward Charlie had cooled, and when he gave her a vaccine kit, for both she and Aaron, that he'd found in the food drop, she was thankful. However, their reconciliation was halted when Michael returned to camp, and she left Charlie to welcome him back with the rest of the camp, unaware that he had just killed Ana Lucia and Libby. Later, at the funeral for Libby and Ana Lucia, she held his hand to show her forgiveness and looked sad when Hurley made his speech about Libby. ("Three Minutes")

2X24 BernardClaire

Bernard protects Claire during the Swan implosion. ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1")  (promotional still)

When Desmond saw her using the vaccine kit, he told her she was wasting her time with it and asked if Aaron's father had been on the plane. When Claire bitterly told him about Thomas leaving her, Desmond suggested he had done what he thought was best for the baby. Claire said Thomas had done what was best for him.

When the sky turned purple as the Hatch imploded, Claire tried to cover Aaron's ears to protect him from the noise. Bernard pushed them out of the way before they could be crushed by the falling hatch door. Later, she was relieved when Charlie stumbled out of the jungle, disoriented and half deaf. She asked him what had happened, but he joked his way out of answering. She attended to his injuries from the hatch implosion, and finally kissed him, making their reconciliation official. ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1")

Season 3 (Days 68-91)


Claire watches Locke and Charlie bring an unconscious Eko, back to camp. ("Further Instructions")  (promotional still)

After reconciling, Charlie moved back to Claire's tent and they continued to grow close. Whilst doing laundry at the beach, Claire saw Locke and Charlie dragging the unconscious Eko through the camp. She questioned Hurley, when he seemed uncertain of Jack's whereabouts. Claire also asked Locke of Sun, Jin and Sayid, however he didn't know but he promised to look for them if they didn't return. After this she brought the first aid kit to Locke. ("Further Instructions")

The next day, whilst she wrote through her journal, Desmond told Claire there was something wrong with her roof and he would fix it if she would move down the beach. She opted to stay where she was, but thanked him nonetheless, however Charlie interrupted and told him if there was a problem with the roof he would fix it. Desmond left them and started to construct a lightning rod next to her shelter. The other survivors looked on, perplexed, until the structure diverted a bolt of lightning away from Claire's tent, shocking both her and Charlie. ("Every Man for Himself")

During her regular swim, Claire got caught in an undertow and was beginning to drown. She called for help and eventually Desmond ran into the ocean, he rescued Claire and brought her ashore. Desmond resuscitated her as the rest of the camp looked on. Later, she approached Desmond on the beach and noticed the photograph of him and Penny. She commented on how beautiful she was and thanked Desmond for saving her. Charlie confronted Desmond about his continual rescuing of Claire, but Desmond revealed it was actually Charlie he had saved, not Claire. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes")

A few days later, Claire listened as Charlie recounted his adventure with the DHARMA van. It seemed as though Charlie was no longer obsessing about his imminent death, and the two seemed to have a good time. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead")


Claire, aided by Jin and Sun, attempts to catch the gulls. ("Par Avion")  (promotional still)

One morning, Charlie arranged a picnic for Claire, but Desmond interrupted to take Charlie boar hunting. Claire, after seeing a flock of migratory birds, ran off excited, saying she knew how to get off the island. She enlisted the help of Sun and Jin and Claire told them her plan to capture one of the gulls and attach a message to it. Desmond stopped Charlie from participating, which caused an argument between Charlie and Claire. While preparing fish, Sun and Claire discussed their parents. In particular their mothers expectations. After preparing fish with Sun, they finished the trap and waited for the birds. Eventually a lone gull wandered into the trap, however Desmond's gunshot scared the bird away. Frustrated, Claire demanded to know why Desmond and Charlie were against her idea. When they refused to talk, Claire took matters into her own hands. ("Par Avion")

Claire followed Desmond to a rocky coastline. She witnessed him pick up the gull effortlessly. Claire then confronted Desmond and asked him why he was trying to hinder her efforts. Desmond came clean and described his visions, in which Charlie died trying to get one of the birds, shocking Claire significantly. He later caught one for her himself. Claire returned back to camp and composed a heartfelt note, with Charlie, for the outside world. She told Charlie she knew about Desmond's visions and that she hadn't given up on him. They released the seagull with the note attached and watched it rejoin its flock. ("Par Avion")

When Sawyer wanted to make amends and fit in with the rest of the survivors, his main target was to befriend Claire and gain her trust, as Hurley stated that Claire was very influential among the rest of the survivors. She was surprised but appreciative when Sawyer gave Aaron a blanket and complimented him on his lack of wrinkles. The next day, during the feast, Sawyer brought Claire some food and she eventually let Sawyer hold the baby. ("Left Behind")

Claire Sick

Claire collapses in Charlie's arms. ("One of Us")  (promotional still)

The next day, Claire began to feel deeply ill. Charlie, who at the time was across the camp, heard Aaron crying and rushed to Claire's tent, where he found her passed out cold. He comforted Aaron, then tended to Claire. He told her to try to get some more rest, in the hope that whatever was wrong would burn itself out. Later she woke up and went over to the dining area, where Sawyer gave Claire some aspirin, for her headache. She then witnesses Jack arrive back with Kate, Sayid and Juliet. Claire slept for several hours before stumbling into the camp's meeting later that night. Charlie saw she was clearly not well and tried to convince her to go back to bed, but she collapsed in his arms. He was trying to revive her when she coughed up blood. ("One of Us")

Jack and Charlie brought Claire back to her shelter, and Juliet stated that she was the one who had made Claire sick, saying that a device had been placed in Claire when she was taken by the Others to the Staff station. Juliet explained that if Claire never had the implant, she would've died. She also explained where medical supplies were and if she had them,she could save Claire. Jack then sent to Juliet retrieved supplies and she supposedly nursed Claire back to health. However, Claire's illness was actually caused by Ben's activation of an implant that Ethan had previously put in Claire. Ben activated it so that Juliet would gain the trust of the survivors when she cured her. The plan worked as Claire awoke the following morning with Charlie holding her hand, fully recovered from her illness, and therefore allowing Juliet to gain the trust of the Beach camp. ("One of Us")

When Claire found out Charlie had volunteered to swim down into an underwater hatch, she was upset he didn't tell her himself. She expressed her worries that it was dangerous, but he assured her that he would be fine and would be back to her soon. He said he just didn't want her to worry about him, then kissed her goodbye. As Charlie then said an emotional goodbye with Aaron, Claire looked on, clearly upset. However, she was unaware that he left his ring in Aaron's crib, and had left her a heartfelt note with Desmond detailing how meeting her was the greatest moment of his life. ("Greatest Hits")

Claire left with the rest of the survivors to go to the radio tower. Aaron began to cry just before Naomi told Claire that Charlie had been successful in shutting down the jamming signal at the Looking Glass, to which Claire was obviously thrilled about. After Ben's capture, Hurley radioed Jack and told him Sayid, Jin and Bernard were alive, and hearing this, Claire approached Jack, asking for the radio to talk to Charlie, but Hurley said that he wasn't back yet, and not to worry. Hurley said he was sure Charlie would be back soon and Claire's fears were calmed. Jack called Naomi's boat and Claire happily awaited rescue with the other survivors. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1")

Season 4 (Days 91-99)

While preparing to head back to the beach to await rescue, Sun expressed her relief at being able to deliver her baby in a hospital. Claire told her not to rub it in, then told Rose that her husband seemed "quite the hero." Rose said everyone knew Charlie was the real hero and told Claire to treat him "real good" when he got back, to which Claire was shocked at, but excited for too. ("The Beginning of the End")

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Claire looks for Charlie. ("The Beginning of the End")  (promotional still)

When the group that had gone to the radio tower reunited with the group from the beach, Claire looked for Charlie among the beach camp but didn't see him, making her worried. Hurley tearfully told her Charlie had died trying to save everyone. She cried and fell into his arm, the pair trying to comfort each other. Jack tried to get everyone to go to the beach, but Hurley disagreed with him and said Charlie's last act had been to warn them all that the people on the freighter weren't who they said they were. Claire went with Locke's group to hide from Naomi's team, ensuring that Charlie did not die for nothing, while Jack took his group back to the beach. ("The Beginning of the End")

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Claire knows all about Charlotte from Ben. ("Confirmed Dead")

The next day, Locke's group found Charlotte, who had fallen into the water from the helicopter. She asked about Aaron and was amazed to find out Claire had delivered him on the Island. After seeing Frank's flare, Claire suggested they go look for him, but Locke disagreed. Ben shot Charlotte, but failed to kill her because of her bulletproof vest. When Locke wanted to execute him, Claire pleaded with him to talk about it before doing anything drastic. Locke asked her what would have happened if the bullet had hit her or the baby, and Claire fell silent. In the end he let Ben live and the group continued with Charlotte to the Barracks. ("Confirmed Dead")

After walking for most of the day, Claire asked Locke how much further it would be, as she needed to feed Aaron. Locke said he wanted to visit a cabin, but couldn't seem to find it. He then said it wasn't important and they arrived at the Barracks a few hours later. ("The Economist")

When Kate joined Locke's group at the Barracks, Claire shared a house with her. They sat on the porch discussing Locke before Claire went inside to give Kate and Sawyer some privacy. Later, while the women hung clothes to dry, Kate told Claire she was a great mother and Claire said motherhood was something she never thought she would be good at. She joked to Kate that she should try it sometime. That night, Claire and Kate, unable to sleep, were interrupted Locke arrived. Claire was hesitant to leave Kate with him, but she said she would be fine. Locke had arrived to banish Kate from the Barracks as punishment for taking Miles to see Ben. ("Eggtown")

Claire went to Locke the next day and offered to question Miles. She thought using a less intimidating approach might get more answers out of him, stating that the current approach was making them look like the enemy. Locke denied her access to Miles and told her to remember what Charlie had said. Claire replied that Charlie had only told them it wasn't Penny's boat, and asked, "Don't you want to know whose boat it is?" ("The Other Woman")

Later, Claire disagreed with Locke's decision to protect Ben when the camp had a meeting to discuss the Freighter's imminent arrival, reminding him that Ben had tried to kill him once before. She was also present when Locke revealed that Michael was Ben's 'man on the boat'. When Miles was brought into the meeting, she looked at him cautiously, showing clear distrust for the Freighter people, remembering Charlie's warning message. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

As the meeting ended, Claire was seen by Ben talking with Alex and Karl, showing how she had formed a friendship with them. When Tom was persuading Michael to return to the Island, he mentioned Claire as a means of persuasion, telling Michael that she needs his help. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")


Sawyer saves Claire at the Barracks. ("The Shape of Things to Come")  (promotional still)

Claire was asleep during the mercenaries' attack on the Barracks. Her house was blown up but Sawyer discovered her, disoriented but very much alive. As she came to, she mistook Sawyer for Charlie. Sawyer carried her back to Ben's house and brought her to safety after Hurley broke the barricade set up by Locke to let them in. After resting, she was with the others as they witnessed the Smoke Monster's attack on the mercenaries, and she was shocked to witness it for the first time. As Ben instructed, she and everyone else escaped to the tree line. Once safe, Locke and Ben decided to visit Jacob, but Claire agreed with Sawyer when he decided to head back to the beach, and she left with Aaron. ("The Shape of Things to Come")

Some time into their journey back to the beach, Claire told Sawyer that her head still hurt but that she'd stopped seeing things. Circumstances worsened when Miles found the corpses of Danielle and Karl, Claire was visibly disturbed by the sight and requested that they keep moving. As the trio stopped for a break, and Claire was feeding Aaron, Miles began staring at her mysteriously, and at this, Sawyer behaved protectively toward her issued a "restraining order" on Miles, which he reiterated several times. Miles continually offered to give Claire support in carrying Aaron, but she politely refused. Later on Frank stumbled upon Claire and the group. Warning them that Keamy and the mercenaries' were heading their direction. The group hid behind a group of tree's just in time. However when they arrived, Aaron let out a cry, to which Claire clutched Aaron very tightly to her, praying for him to be silent. Keamy noticed this, but eventually Frank distracted the team away, from Claire, Aaron, Miles and Sawyer, and Claire in relief kissed Aaron on the forehead. ("Something Nice Back Home")


Claire wakes up to see her father holding Aaron. ("Something Nice Back Home")  (promotional still)

That night, Sawyer's protectiveness backfired when Claire woke during the night and noticed Aaron's absence. Sitting up in a panic, Claire saw her father holding him fondly and whispered, "Dad?". She followed him into the jungle, according to Miles, who finally decided to "respect" Sawyer's warnings. Sawyer instantly went off to find Claire, but found Aaron abandoned at the base of a tree nearby and shouted for Claire desperately but received no response as she was gone. ("Something Nice Back Home")


Claire inside Jacob's cabin. ("Cabin Fever")  (promotional still)

Claire was not seen again until Locke discovered her in Jacob's cabin. As Locke conversed with Christian he heard a noise from somewhere else in the Cabin, and as he moved his light to see what it was, he was shocked to find Claire sitting comfortably on an old armchair. Locke instantly panicked upon seeing her and asked why she was there. Claire calmly claimed to be "fine," and said that she was "with him," referring to Christian. When Locke asked her about Aaron, Christian stated that Aaron was where he needed to be and that Claire was safe. Christian warned him not to tell anyone about her whereabouts. Claire seemed bizarrely content in the cabin, showing little concern about Aaron and smiling faintly at Christian's words to Locke, especially when Locke said he knew that he had to save the Island. ("Cabin Fever")

The next day, Sawyer came across Jack and Kate in the jungle, and they were shocked to find him holding Aaron. Kate worriedly asked where Claire was, to which Sawyer replied, "We lost her". He said he hoped she had returned to the beach, but they told him she hadn't, and Jack was devastated to lose another survivor so close to their rescue. As Kate returned to the beach with Aaron, Sun asked where Claire was, but Kate didn't reply as she was in a desperate rush to catch Jack. She left Aaron in Sun's care. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

As Sawyer reached Hurley at the Orchid, he asked if Claire and Aaron had got back to the beach safely. Sawyer, unable to answer, simply looked on sadly. As Hurley, Sayid, Kate, Frank, Sawyer and Jack left the Island in the helicopter, Hurley asked Jack if they could return to look for Claire once everyone else was off the island, to which Jack replied "absolutely". However, they never made it back to the Island before Ben moved it, and it disappeared with Claire still somewhere on it. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")

After the rescue of the Oceanic Six

Claire's mother, Carole Littleton, recovered from her coma and attended Christian Shephard's funeral. On her way out, she tearfully explained to Jack that Christian had fathered a child with her, a girl whom he'd come to Australia to see, a girl who had later boarded Oceanic Flight 815 and whose name was Claire. Jack was left shaken and speechless at the revelation that Claire was his half-sister. Through this conversation, it was also revealed that in the Oceanic Six's story, Claire wasn't one of the travelers who made it out of the plane after the crash. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")


Claire in Aaron's room in Kate's dream. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")

Claire later appeared to Kate in a dream. Claire, wearing the same clothes she was last seen in, looked over Aaron in his room as Kate came barging in, as she thought it was an intruder. She was surprised to see Claire and she ominously told Kate to not "bring him back... Don't you dare bring him back." Kate soon woke up, relieved to find it was all a dream but didn't take Claire's warning lightly. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")

Five days later, Kate decided to journey back to the Island with Jack. Listening to Claire's warning, Kate realized that in order to return she must not take Aaron with her. Kate tearfully left Aaron with Carole but not before she revealed the truth. Kate told Carole that the story about the Oceanic 6 was a lie and that Claire was indeed alive on the island. She also revealed that the reason she was going back to the island was to find Claire and bring her back to her son. ("Whatever Happened, Happened")


  • Throughout Season 4, Emilie de Ravin wore a long blond wig due to cutting her hair into a 1920's style bob for her role in the 2009 film, "Public Enemies" (in which she co-starred alongside Johnny Depp, Christian Bale and Channing Tatum).
  • Emilie de Ravin has had the most changes in contract out of all cast members. From "Pilot, Part 1" to "Homecoming", Emilie de Ravin was actually a guest star, possibly on a holding contract, meaning she had legal obligations to portray Claire when need be throughout the original 13 ordered episodes (after the "Pilot"), but could pursue other work, as the future of her character was unclear (hence, the kidnapping). Therefore, in the episodes in which she appeared, she was billed as a regular. She made it to a regular contract by "Outlaws" after the show was picked up for an entire season (episodes 16 - 24/25)[1]. As of "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3", Emilie de Ravin was demoted to a holding contract due to Claire's absence, but did not appear in Season 5.
    • This makes Claire the first (and to this day, only) character to have been promoted from a holding contract to regular status, though characters such as Ben and Desmond have made the jump from recurring guest star to regular status, and characters such as Walt (in season 2) and Charlie (in Season 4) have made the jump from regular status to holding contract.
  • Claire, Jin and Sawyer are the only original major characters yet to leave the Island at least once. Jack, Kate, Sun, Hurley, Sayid, Locke and Walt all eventually end up on the mainland; Boone, Shannon, Charlie and Michael are deceased.
  • Claire has met all of the main characters, except Daniel.
  • Claire's tent has been destroyed as the SAT phone that Frank Lapidus threw out of the helicopter in "Cabin Fever" landed on it.
  • Although brother and sister, Claire and Jack went on opposite sides in terms of staying on the Island or leaving. Claire went with Locke, who is a man of faith, to stay on the Island while Jack, who is a man of science, decided to contact the freighter.
  • In seasons 1, 2 and 3, Claire had consistently been the character with the lowest amount of episode appearances (living character by the end of a season). This is ironic since she has appeared in 10 out of 13 Season 4 episodes, the tied for the third highest amount of episode appearances in Season 4 (only Jack, Juliet, Hurley, Daniel and Kate have appeared in more).
  • Claire had only one appearance in Season 5 ("The Little Prince"), consisting of archive footage from "Do No Harm".
  • Claire was the second Flight 815 survivor to visit the interior of Jacob's cabin and the only to use the Cabin as a "temporary home".
  • Claire was originally intended to be the surrogate mother of her friends, Ruth and Stuart's baby.
  • During an interview about the episode "Par Avion", Emilie de Ravin stated that the period in which the flashbacks occurred during this episode were based when Claire was 17. Since Claire is 22 on the Island, this indicates that the year of the flashbacks during "Par Avion" was either late 1999 or early to mid 2000.
  • According to Hurley, Claire is very influential among the survivors. ("Left Behind")
  • Claire has once been described by writers to be the heart and soul of the survivors.
  • Claire was the eighth character to ever have a flashback.
  • Claire's episode count so far is 60 (as of Season 5), yet she is credited with 79 episodes.
  • Claire is yet to appear in the 7th episode of a season.
  • Claire was eight months pregnant when Oceanic 815 crashed.
  • In the final moments of the first two season finales, Claire reconciling with Charlie is shown.
    • Claire and Charlie were the last two main characters to be seen in Season 2.
    • This is also shown in the next-to-last episode of Season 3, sealed with a kiss and the last time they see each other; though it is not in the final moments, it is near the end of the episode.
  • Claire came across a Death Adder while on a walkabout in Australia, in the Lost novel Endangered Species.
  • So far, all of Claire's flashback episodes seem to have a pattern:
    • Claire has only one centric episode per season. (except Season 4)
    • All Claire-centric episodes have followed Sayid-centric episodes.
    • Claire has not appeared in episodes directly preceding or following her centric episodes.
  • Claire's birthday is October 27 (The same day the Red Sox won the World Series).
  • Claire's accident in the water is the way that Joanna died. They were both caught in some sort of riptide and swept out to sea. ("White Rabbit") ("Flashes Before Your Eyes")
  • Claire believes in astrology. Her Sun sign is Scorpio; the eighth sign of the Zodiac.
  • Claire has a model airplane on her bedside table.[2] ("Raised by Another")
  • Claire is one of three characters portrayed by principal cast in Season 2 never to appear in the Swan (the other two being Walt and Shannon).
  • We don't find out her name until "Walkabout".
  • Not counting Boone (who was deceased by that time), she is one of only two of the original 14 main characters to not receive a flashback from her perspective in Exodus, due to it being deleted.

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