Claire Littleton is one of the middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. She is Jack Shephard's half-sister, although neither of them knows this. On the Island, she has entered into a relationship with fellow survivor, Charlie Pace.

Before the crash

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Claire, after the car crash, meeting with Christian Shephard

Born and raised in Australia, Claire Littleton was raised by a single mother, Carole Littleton, after her father, Christian Shephard, left her when she was young. As an adolescent, Claire was rebellious to her mother, dressed in a gothic style and worked in a piercing parlor. At a rather young age, Claire, got into a car accident during a heated argument with her mother, where she was forced off the road by a truck and crashed. She received rather light injuries (i.e. broken arm and cut above her eye), but her mother on the other hand, had severe brain hemorrhaging and was in a coma. Her father then proceeded to come to Australia to convince her to remove her mother's life support. She refused to do so and demanded that he leave her alone. She claimed that she didn't even know his name, nor did she want to. ("Par Avion")

Sometime later, while working at the Fish & Fry restaurant at $5 an hour, Claire's path seemed to be dead end and predictable. However, her life would change when she and her boyfriend Thomas realized they were to become parents. Though Claire has her doubts, Thomas convinces her that a baby could be "the best thing ever" and give their lives hope once more. However, Thomas comes to the decision that being a young father is too much to handle, and he leaves Claire. Now on her own, Claire decides to give her baby up for adoption when it is born.

Claire Test

Claire, checking the pregnancy test instructions

Not long after, Claire's friend Rachel brought her to Richard Malkin, who claimed to be a psychic. As Claire is interested in astrology and horoscopes, Rachel believes it would cheer her up. However, when reading her palm, Malkin sees something terrible, and insists that Claire has to raise the child herself as "danger surrounds this baby!" Claire, however, does not believe him, and tells him to leave her alone.

Meeting with the adoption parents, Arlene and Joseph Stewart, Claire prepares to sign away rights to her unborn child. She requests that the Stewarts sing the lullaby "Catch a Falling Star", as it was the song her father used to sing to her. However, as Claire is about to sign, two of the pens given to her do not work, and Claire's doubts at relinquishing her child (due to Malkin's warning) get the better of her, and she runs out of the room.

Claire returns to Richard Malkin, who tells her that the baby will be safe if she gives it to a couple in Los Angeles, who are "good people". Giving her a ticket for Oceanic Flight 815, Claire leaves for what she believes is her new life in America. ("Raised by Another")

Right before leaving for Los Angeles, she comes and visits her mother at the hospital. She tells her mother that she is pregnant and that she is going to give the child up for adoption. She was then astonished at the fact that her mother was able to raise her without any assistance. She then sobs over her mother and tells her that she is sorry for being so terrible to her, and for saying that she hated her and that she wish she was dead when they were in the car, right before it crashed. ("Par Avion")

On the Island

Season 1

Claire Bait

Pregnant Claire, acting as bait to lure Ethan

Surviving the plane crash, Claire immediately worried about the state of her baby. Jack saved her as a wing from the plane almost crashed on her and Hurley, and Claire was relieved to later feel her baby kick, after it hadn't for a worrying amount of time. ("Pilot, Part 1")

Much to her dismay, no other survivors seemed to feel comfortable around her. She was lonely for the first couple days after the crash, until Charlie approached her, helping her with difficult tasks and keeping her company. Claire soon became good friends with Charlie, and they began to spend more time together. ("White Rabbit")

Later, after she collapsed from heat stroke and exhaustion, Charlie convinced Claire to move her belongings to the caves, so she would be safer from the beating sun and various animals. While there, Claire began to have a series of dreams and encounters that led her to believe that someone was out to hurt her and her baby. Unfortunately, no one except Charlie believed her, and she decided to move back to the beach, where she thought she would be safer.

On her way back, she started to have contractions. Charlie went for help, and he encountered Ethan Rom, whom he told to get Jack. Charlie returned to Claire, and he kept her calm and relaxed while they waited. Once the contractions stopped, however, they were accosted by Ethan in the jungle. He struggled with Charlie, then knocked the pair unconscious and dragged them both into the jungle.("Raised by Another")

Jack, Locke, Kate, and Boone set out to rescue them. The group followed a makeshift trail Charlie left behind, and soon began to gain on Ethan. At some point, Claire regained consciousness, and let out a series of screams that drew Jack in her direction. Unfortunately, in order to stop their pursuit, Ethan tied Charlie up and hung him from a tree by his neck. They kept Claire and disappeared into the jungle.("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues")

She was not seen or heard of for almost two weeks after that. Charlie, who was recovered and saved by Jack, distanced himself temporarily from the others, and was crushed by her loss. Then, while searching for Vincent, Locke and Boone were surprised by Claire wandering the jungle, beaten and bruised.

When they brought her back to the caves, she had no recollection of any of the events since the crash. Charlie helped her to regain bits and pieces of her lost memories, and they re-formed her bond. However, she was not able to offer any information regarding what happened to her during the two weeks she was missing.

Shortly after her return, Ethan appeared in the jungle, beat Jin, and choked Charlie, demanding that Claire be returned, or else he would start killing the survivors. Everyone rallied to stop him, but somehow, Scott was taken from the camp and brutally murdered in the night. This prompted the survivors to set a trap.

Using Claire as bait, the survivors captured Ethan, and Charlie shot him 4 times in the chest. He later stated that he wasn't going to let him hurt Claire anymore. ("Homecoming")

Not long after, Claire gave birth to a son, whom she named Aaron. Claire's bond with Charlie was reinforced, when he rescued Aaron from Danielle Rousseau, who kidnapped the baby believing she could use him in an exchange with the Others for her own daughter, Alex.

Season 2

Claire Baptized

Claire and Aaron, baptized by Eko

Safely reunited with Aaron, Claire and Charlie moved in together back on the beach. They lived a happy existence, playing father and mother to the baby, until Claire began to experience terrifying visions of Ethan performing various medical procedures on her while she was pregnant.

With the help of Libby, she realized that these visions were actually her memories, which were slowly returning to her. Her mind had blocked them out to protect her, and she discovered what happened in the two weeks that she was kidnapped.

She discovered that she was taken to the Staff, another DHARMA station on the Island. It appeared to be a medical station of some kind, and, while there, Claire was drugged, and given injections of some kind of vaccination. The drugs had a profound effect on Claire, who began to believe that Ethan and the Others should actually raise her baby.

Fortunately for Claire, one of the Others, named Alex, saved her. Alex knew of the Other's plans - to cut the baby out of Claire, without regard for the mother's safety - and was determined to stop it. However, Claire did not believe Alex's words, and fought so hard that Alex had to use chloroform to make Claire unconscious. Alex left her out in the jungle, and, when she awoke, she shouted for Ethan. Before he could reach her, however, Danielle Rousseau found her, and, knowing what would happen if Claire went back to the Others, knocked her out with the blunt end of her rifle. In this proceeding struggle, Claire scratched Danielle badly, on the left arm Rousseau then carried Claire back to camp, to be picked up by Locke and Boone. ("Maternity Leave")

2X15 ClaireAaron

Claire taking care of Aaron's fever

Back at the camp, Claire discovered that Charlie had once been an addict. This caused her to be wary of him while he was around the baby, even though he had been clean since the crash. The last straw for Claire was when Locke 'revealed' that he was still using the heroin found in the beechcraft.

This, coupled with the fact that Charlie was becoming increasingly desperate to baptize Aaron. He had a series of visions which convinced him that Aaron needed to be baptized. Unfortunately, Charlie's erratic behavior caused Claire to make him move out. The deal was sealed when Charlie brought Aaron down to the ocean without her permission, in an attempt to have him baptized. Claire was shocked, and cut connections to him. However, she did decide to follow Charlie's advice, and requests that Eko baptize her and her son, so that if anything were to happen, they would be together in heaven. ("Fire + Water")

Later, as Claire began to piece together the missing parts of her memory, she and Kate headed into jungle to find the station that Claire had been held in. Rousseau met and accompanied them; she had just entered the camp once again to warn Claire about Aaron's sickness, and tagged along on the mission, to find medicine to help Aaron. However, they did not find any medicine; the whole facility was empty. But, the location acted as a trigger for Claire, who remembered fully what happened. She apologized to Danielle for scratching her, and for believing that she was somehow involved in the kidnapping, recognizing that Rousseau had actually helped save her life.("Maternity Leave")


Charlie and Claire cement their relationship.

Claire remained wary of Charlie for a while, but eventually, she began to re-evaluate her relationship with him. He gave her plenty of space, and, after the supply drop, he found and gave her a large supply of the vaccine, which helped to put her mind at rest about the sickness that Ethan and Rousseau had mentioned. She held his hand at the burial of Ana-Lucia and Libby, which showed how their relationship had been repaired. After the events of the discharge, Claire kissed Charlie in front of the camp fire.("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 2")

Season 3

3X08 DesmondClaire

Desmond saving Claire from the water

Her relationship with Charlie continued to blossom. Charlie had moved back over to Claire's tent, and through deleted scenes, the two were shown kissing and holding hands.("Further Instructions")

One day, Desmond ominously attempted to persuade Claire to move down by the beach, stating that her roof had problems and he would fix them. When Claire decided not to move, Desmond started to construct a large lightning rod next to her shelter. The other survivors were perplexed, but then, a flash rainstorm came, and the rod diverted a bolt of lightning that stuck very close to Claire's tent. ("Every Man for Himself")

3x04-Charlie Claire Lightning

Charlie and Claire narrowly avoid being hit by lightning.

Desmond rescues Claire again when she is caught in an undertow by bringing her ashore and resuscitating her. Charlie confronts Desmond about his continual rescuing of Claire, but Desmond reveals that it is actually Charlie that he had saved, and not Claire. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes")

Claire was seen a few days later, sitting with Charlie as he recounted his adventure with the Dharma van. It seems as if Charlie was no longer obsessing about his imminent death, and the two seemed to have a good time. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead")

Later, Claire conceived of the idea to use migrating gulls to send a message to the outside world. Desmond stopped Charlie from participating in the capture of any gulls (causing an argument between Charlie and Claire) and then interfered with Claire's attempt to catch a gull with Jin and Sun. Claire, confused by Desmond's behavior, followed him to the cove and watched him hurry over to a gull and catch it with little effort. Confronting him, she eventually learned about his newfound precognitive abilities and about his premonitions of Charlie's death. Desmond handed over the captured gull and Claire composed a rescue note. Claire and Charlie then released the seagull with the note attached, and Claire confessed that she has not yet "given up" on Charlie. ("Par Avion")


  • Claire's birthday is October 27 (The same day the Red Sox won the World Series).
  • Claire's accident in the water is the way that Joanna died. They were both caught in some sort of riptide and swept out to sea.
  • Claire believes in astrology.
  • Claire is of French and Latin origin, and its meaning is "illustrious, clear, or bright". French form of Clara.
  • Claire is Jack's half-sister.

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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  • Why did she lose her memory of being taken by Ethan? Was it a psychological response to a traumatic experience, a result of Rousseau knocking her out, the drugs Ethan gave her, or a similar form of brainwashing as used on Karl in Room 23? ("Maternity Leave")
  • Why hasn't she told anyone (including Kate who was also at the Staff with her) about her reconstructed memories, particularly if she wants to protect Aaron from future kidnappings or harm from the Others? Her motive is unclear, particularly when telling everyone else might have spared many people a lot of harm.
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