Claires Dream Table
Locke at the psychic's table in Claire's dream

In the beginning of the episode "Raised by Another", Claire has a highly lucid dream or nightmare. When Claire wakes up, she is hysterical and has blood on her hands; Charlie eventually manages to calm her down. It is discovered that she has been sleep walking, and Jack reveals that she has driven her fingernails a quarter of an inch into her palms. Later in the episode, (the next day) after Claire wakes up screaming again, Jack tells Charlie and Kate that "these are textbook anxiety nightmares."

Dream sequence

Locke's eyes in Claire's dream

Claire is seen waking up. With a confused and concerned expression on her face she looks down and feels her stomach, and notices that she is not pregnant. A baby's cry is heard and Claire starts off into the jungle in a daze, apparently looking for the source of the crying. Claire sees a light in the forest and walks toward it. She encounters Locke sitting at the table at which she received her psychic reading (in her flashback later in this episode); the psychic's electric lamp is also present. As she approaches, Locke draws what appear to be the psychic's cards from a deck one by one as he stares down at the table (the first one making the sound of a metal against metal, like a knife being unsheathed); they exchange a few brief words:

CLAIRE: What's happening?
LOCKE: You know what's happening.
CLAIRE: But I don't understand. Why --?
LOCKE: He was your responsibility but you gave him away, Claire. Everyone pays the price now.
Claires Dream crib
Crib from Claire's dream

As Locke finishes saying this, he looks up at her with a creepy expression on his face and has one black eye and one white eye. Claire then hears a baby's cry and runs into the jungle. She finds a crib (with a plane mobile identical to the one later found in the Nursery). She pulls the blankets back, finding a thick dark pool of blood and begins screaming hysterically; just then she wakes up and realizes that she has blood all over her hands. We later find out that she had dug her fingernails into he hand in her sleep.

Claires Dream plane
Plane mobile from Claire's dream


  • When Claire runs away from Locke, she is literally running backwards - the footage has been reversed.
  • During a Q&A session in Israel in July 2009, Executive Producer Jack Bender revealed that director Marita Grabiak pushed for the opening sequence of Claire's dream to be shot in black and white. Despite politely refusing her suggestion she kept pushing for it and he had to overrule her. She would never work on Lost again.
  • Locke's eyes appear black and white.

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