"Claire's Escape"
Claire and Alex 2x15
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Suspense Track
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©2006 Varèse Sarabande and Michael Giacchino

Claire's Escape is an orchestral piece from the Season 2 soundtrack. As the title suggests, it plays in the scene when Claire escapes from the Others.

Scene description

In a flashback, Alex Rousseau drugs a pregnant Claire in order to rescue her. In the present, Claire searches for the vaccine in the Staff examination room, but she doesn't find it. She thinks that Danielle Rousseau was trying to bring her back to the station, and demands she tells her where the vaccine is. Looking at the scratches on Rousseau's arm, Claire begins to remember. In flashback, she wakes up alone in the jungle and calls for Ethan. Danielle discovers her, but Claire is alarmed. Danielle attempts to silence Claire and pull her away, but Claire scratches her as she tries to run. Danielle then knocks her out with the butt of her rifle. Back in the present, Claire remembers that Danielle was trying to help her.

Full list of appearances

  • Claire escapes from the Others with the help of Alex, and then Danielle. ("Maternity Leave")
  • Dave tells Hurley that the Island is a hallucination, and by jumping off a cliff, he will return to the real world. ("Dave")
  • Alex talks to Kate at the quarry. ("The Glass Ballerina")
  • Juliet tells Jack to save Ben, while a video of her plays, telling Jack to kill him instead. ("The Cost of Living")
  • Alex attacks Others at the quarry site. ("I Do")
  • Sawyer and Kate are chased through the jungle by Pickett, Jason, and Ivan. ("Not in Portland")
  • In a Previously on Lost recap, Sawyer tells Cassidy to go to a hotel in Sioux City and wait for him. After she leaves, he retrieves her money. ("Left Behind")
  • Alex runs to get Karl. ("Greatest Hits")
  • Hurley looks around after Ana Lucia vanishes before driving off. ("The Lie")


The piece begins with its own motif, which plays throughout most of the piece. It then introduces the Rousseaus' theme, which blends with the piece's motif, and later plays the DHARMA station motif. It returns to the Rousseaus' theme at the end.

Title significance

The piece plays in the scene when Claire's escape from the Others is revealed.

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