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  • Cindy was not on any list and was only captured after Emma and Zach complained they missed her.
  • Cindy was unimportant and abducted only because The Others were tracking the group and took the opportunity to capture her.
    • The Others witnessed her being kind to Sawyer, this made them decide that she was good and thus should be taken.
      • There were plenty of "nice" survivors of Flight 815, such as Libby. Libby was nice to everyone all the time...but she still wasn't on the list. Same with Bernard. I'd say he's pretty nice. I don't think the list has anything to do with whether you're nice or not.
    • In The Other Woman, Juliet mentions to Ben they 'have everybody from the list'. Cindy was still with the tailies then.
  • Cindy was not abducted at all, as she was never alive on the Island. Her appearance is only a form of The Smoke Monster, as she can clearly be seen walking through the screen in Pilot 1, despite she being a tail-survivor.
    • Aside from the fact that the picture below is blurry and only provides a brief look at somebody who vaguely resembles Cindy, this fails to explain her appearance in later seasons. Most notably, this would be amongst the Tailies while the Monster was wreaking havoc elsewhere; in the temple, a place the Smoke Monster could not go; and in a group of people who the Smoke Monster himself was leading.--Master Tej (talk) 22:24, January 26, 2015 (UTC)
  • The whispers were present after she was taken. Of course she didn't initiate them any more than anyone else did, as they have been present to many of the survivors without her being around.
  • She was brainwashed in Room 23 after being taken by the Others. This would explain her disconcerting behavior outside the cage.
  • She may well be pregnant, as she seems to be clutching her stomach after the crash. It would make sense that the Others captured her, if this is true.
    • I agree. She clutched her stomach right after the crash and had a hard time getting ashore. It would also explain her 'silent abduction' and the reason The Others wanted her.
      • This could also explain who the pregnancy test Sun uses came from, its Cindy's.
        • If she was pregnant when the plane crashed she should have had the baby by the time we see her in Season 6. Given the fact that women die during pregnancy in the post dharma initive era (with the execption of Claire) she should have died. Also we have seen her with Zach and Emma but not with a child that should be about 2 or 3.
          • But she wouldn't have died as she would have conceived off-Island, like Claire.
          • Or the clutching of the stomach may mean that she miscarried.

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