Churches and other places used for religious or spiritual purposes have been seen on Lost, off and on the Island.


Charlie trying to build the church by himself after Eko has abandoned the effort. ("Three Minutes")

On the Island[]


Locke's sweat lodge ("Further Instructions")

Eko's church[]

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Eko and Charlie were building a church on the Island. Eko left the project to push the button in the Swan. Charlie attempted to continue building it, but subsequently appeared to have given up on it. ("Three Minutes") Bernard was upset when he found Eko and Charlie building the church, rather than doing something constructive to get off the Island. ("S.O.S.") Locke built his sweat lodge inside the structure of the unfinished church. ("Further Instructions") The skeletal structure of the church can still be seen unfinished at the beach camp. Rose mentioned that she was over by the church when the Island moved, suggesting that even though the building is incomplete, survivors still used it in one form or another. ("Because You Left")

The Temple[]

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A group of the Others lived at a temple on the Island for an unknown amount of time. It is unclear what if any spiritual or religious significance it held for them, although it was described by Ben as a sanctuary, and has a spring with healing properties.

Off the Island[]



Yemi's church. ("The 23rd Psalm")

  • Eko visited his brother Yemi's church and got Yemi involved in his schemes and mortally injured. ("The 23rd Psalm") Eko later returned to this church after the failure of the drug smugglers' plane plot, and told Amina that he would replace Yemi in his duties there. He lived as a priest, but murdered men inside the church, desecrating it. Amina then told him that he owed Yemi another church, thus the reason Eko began to build the church on the island. ("The Cost of Living")
  • A church is seen in an early flashback. Eko was forced by a nun to confess after stealing food to feed his young, starving brother Yemi. ("The Cost of Living")

United States[]


Kate and Kevin Callis in Florida church. ("I Do")

* Kate and Kevin were married in a church. ("I Do")


United Kingdom[]


Charlie and Liam in a UK church. ("The Moth")

  • Charlie was seen walking into a church, and confessing his sins. When he came out of the confessional, Liam held up an envelope and said that they had been signed to a record contract and would become rock stars. ("The Moth")
  • Eko served as a priest in a church in England. ("Three Minutes") This church may be the same church in England that was mentioned as the place where Yemi had planned to study, and at which Eko stated he would take Yemi's place. ("The Cost of Living")
  • Desmond was a novice monk under Brother Campbell at a monastery in Eddington, Scotland until he was fired. ("Catch-22")

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