Christian Iansante is the voice actor who dubbed the voice of Miles Straume in the Italian language broadcasts of Lost.

Voice acting


Film Actor Character Year(s)
Harsh Times Christian Bale Jim Luther Davis 2006
Anchorman Vince Vaughan Wes Montooth 2004
Wonderland Val Kilmer John Holmes 2003
Intermission Colin Farrel Lehiff 2003
Daredevil Colin Farrel Bulseye 2003
Shaft Christian Bale Walter Wade, Jr 2000
Velvet Goldmine Christian Bale Arthur Stuart 1998
Shakespeare in Love Joseph Fiennes William Shakespeare 1998
Good Will Hunting Matt Damon Will Hunting 1997
Hercules James Woods Hades 1997
Metroland Christian Bale Chris Lloyd 1997

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