Chris Braun was an assistant editor and editor on Lost. The only known episode he has worked as an editor on was "I Do", though he has worked on other episodes. (The Lost Shephard) He was credited as editor on "Ab Aeterno".

He is also credited as an assistant editor on "What Kate Does" and "The Substitute".

He is credited as "Chris 'John' Braun" on the Lost credits.


  • Braun has previously worked on projects such as Once & Again, Line of Fire, and Kevin Hill.
  • Braun attended Western Illinois University from 1992–1994.
  • Braun is an Executive Producer at Curve in the Road.


  • Has stated that one of his favorite episodes to work on was "I Do", when Kate had to "climb in and out of her cage frough those narrow metal bars" during the dailies. He commended Evangeline Lilly for being such a solid actress. (The Lost Shephard)
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