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Lost: Via Domus
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Episodes: "Force Majeure" · "A New Day" · "Via Domus" · "Forty-Two" · "Hotel Persephone" · "Whatever It Takes" · "Worth A Thousand Words"

Chenchey Institute of Research
First Introduced
Constructed by
Controlled by
Zoran Savo

The Chenchey Institute of Research is an organization led by Zoran Savo. Due to his institutes's humanitarian work, he has been named an International Union (IU) Goodwill Ambassador of Peace and Tolerance. He is on a diplomatic mission to Sydney to promote a human rights amendment to the IU Charter of Rights signed by over 50 nations. Savo made a deal with Thomas Mittelwerk to purchase Sarin gas from the Hanso Foundation to be used in various ESP experiments that Savo is conducting. ("Worth A Thousand Words")

Zoran Savo and Beady Eyes are the only two characters known to have worked for Chenchey. It is unknown what other types of research the Chenchey Institute conducts.

Lisa Gellhorn had been tracking Savo for a long time, since he was the cause of her sister's death. In one of Elliott's flashbacks inside of Hotel Persephone, Lisa can be seen looking at her laptop. On her laptop is information about the Chenchey Institute of Research. ("Hotel Persephone")

In "Via Domus", a letter was found by Elliott Maslow in Rico's shop that read:

  • To the Board of Directors, Hanso Foundation, I'm pleased to announce the commencement of Phase 2 of the Chenchey Project. We will now begin to explore the human brain in ways never before imagined. The results will no doubt astound. I thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. Warmest Regards, TM.
Savo and Mittelwerk make a deal

In "Hotel Persephone", Elliott finds a letter written to Lisa from her sister Joanne. The letter elaborates on the research being done at Chenchey. It reads:

  • My dearest Lisa. If you are reading this, it means I’m dead. I can’t believe what’s happened --The research being done at Savo’s institute has gone horribly wrong. Lives are in jeopardy. Patients are being injected with lethal chemicals. All in the pursuit of a mad dream. I’m so scared, and so sorry I won’t see your face again. Please don’t let it be for nothing. Tell the world who Savo really is. I love you. Joanne - 08/23/1999

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