"Chasing Vincent" is an orchestral piece on the Via Domus soundtrack. It plays in the beginning sequence of "Force Majeure".

Scene Description

Receiving instructions from Kate, who is trying to avoid the Marshal, Elliot followed Vincent to the beach. There, he comes upon the plane’s fuselage. On the beach, an engine fires up as various characters recover from the crash. Locke sits stunned at the feeling in his legs; Hurley walks dazed, convinced the crash was his fault; Michael searches for Walt; Claire experiences contractions; and Jack attempts to revive another passenger.


Continuing with musical similarities between Jack and Elliot immediately after the crash (Eye Open, Jungle), the piece bears striking similarity to World's Worst Beach Party, which played in "Pilot, Part 1" as Jack explored the crash site.


Although the piece is titled "Chasing Vincent", the point in the game where it plays is actually after Elliot has already chased the dog to the beach, and the song does not play while Vincent is around.

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