Charlie was the son of Desmond and Penelope Hume. He was named after Charlie Pace, whose actions helped his parents reunite. Charlie's parents actively hid from his grandfather, the coincidentally-named Charles Widmore, so the two never met. ("Happily Ever After")

Off the Island


Charlie was born in his parents' boat Our Mutual Friend, while they were near the Philippines, where the two of them were hiding after leaving the Island. When his mother, Penny went into labor, Desmond rushed to an island, where he found a doctor, who successfully delivered the baby.


Charlie accompanied his parents to their native Britain, where he and his mother fished in the Thames, but failed to catch anything. ("Jughead") A few days later, Benjamin Linus showed up with the intent of killing Penny onboard Our Mutual Friend. Before Ben was able to shoot her, Charlie ran out calling for his mother, who ordered him to go back inside and stay there. His appearance softened Ben, who lowered his gun and was attacked by Desmond. ("Dead Is Dead") Afterwards, Charlie accompanied his mother to the hospital where his father was taken after Ben shot him. Charlie and Penny waited for Desmond until a nurse came and told Penny that she could visit her husband. Penny went to see Desmond, leaving Charlie in the waiting room. ("The Variable")


  • Charlie Hume is one of two characters to be the child of two main characters (not counting the flash-sideways timeline), the other being Ji-Yeon Kwon.
  • Charlie Hume was the name of the Los Angeles Tribune's managing editor in the 1970s TV series Lou Grant. The character of Charlie Hume was played by actor Mason Adams.
  • Enhanced episode captions indicate he was two years old in "Jughead". (Jughead-Enhanced transcript)
  • Charlie Hume whether by coincidence or reference is also the name of a detective who died in the pilot of Death In Paradise a BBC co-produced murder mystery crime show based on an island which doesn't exist in the real world & is meant to be small but appears massive.