"Charlie Hangs Around" is an orchestral piece on the Season One soundtrack. It plays as Jack tries to resuscitate Charlie.

Scene description

In a flashback, Jack turns in his father for a patient's death.

On the island, Jack and Kate find Charlie hanging from a tree, courtesy of Ethan. They take him down, and Jack attempts CPR. Kate holds his hand, crying, as Jack first pumps, and then begins hitting his chest. Emotionally exhausted, she moves briefly away from the scene, sobbing, before telling Jack to give up. At her insistence, he does, and they mourn over his dead body.

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The piece begins with a short, two-note section of the life and death theme, before moving on to the piece's own motif. The second movement is another variation on the life and death theme.


The piece's motif also appears in "Charlie's Dream".

Title significance

In a macabre bit of Giacchino's pun-filled humor, the title refers to Jack and Kate's discovery of Charlie hanging from his neck in a tree.

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