Image and sequence of the plane crashing ("Fire + Water")

In "Fire + Water", Charlie had two dreams about Aaron. They both had religious motifs and dealt with the baby being in danger. This urged Charlie to try to save the child. After the second dream, he woke up with the baby in his arms. The rest of the survivors found him and accused him of trying to steal the baby from his mother, Claire.

Baptism dreams

"The Baptism of Christ" hanging at the wall while young Charlie goes by ("Fire + Water")

Both dreams featured Verrocchio's Baptism of Christ in which Charlie's mother and Claire appeared as angels and Hurley as John the Baptist. At the end of the episode, Aaron and Claire were baptised by Eko.

In one of the dreams, a plane can be seen crashing in the jungle in the background. At the very moment the plane crashed, a white dove appeared.

Butcher dream

Charlie's first flashback of "Fire + Water" also contains some elements of a dream. His brother received a Voltron, while he received a piano. Mr. Pace is seen working as a butcher inside the living room of his house, chopping dolls' heads off with a meat cleaver. Liam also grows into a full adult but a diaper on and soon Charlie becomes an adult as well before playing the piano on The Island


  • The painting features the biblical story where Joseph is told by angels in a dream that Herod would try to kill his baby (Jesus). Joseph takes Mary and Jesus and they flee to Egypt for two years.

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