"Charlie's Dream" is an orchestral piece on the Season 2 soundtrack. It plays in the middle of "Fire + Water".

Scene description

Charlie is on the beach tuning his guitar when, suddenly, he hears Aaron crying. Looking around, he is unable to find the baby on the beach - until he spots a crib far out on the waters of the ocean, floating away. Panicking, he yells for help before deciding to save the baby himself. Removing his shirt and shoes, he jumps into the water after the crib. After several brutal moments fighting the intense waves, he reaches the crib and pulls it back ashore. Back on the beach, he removes Aaron and cradles him.

Looking up at the treeline, Charlie spots two figures very dear to him - Claire and his mom. Both wear biblical robes and have halos over their heads, like two angelic figures from a painting in Charlie's childhood home. Both speak quickly and receptively, saying that "You have to save the baby" and "Only you can save him, Charlie." A dove flies past the two women and over Charlie's head. In the far background, the beechcraft crashes into the jungle. Aaron starts to cry.

A third figure emerges from the jungle - Hurley, dressed as John the Baptist. He asks Charlie what he's doing, and suddenly, the scene is gone and it is nighttime. Charlie stands alone in the surf, having taken the baby while sleepwalking.

Title significance

The piece plays during Charlie's second dream.


The piece contains a variation of Charlie's suspense motif.

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