Charissa Gilmore is the vice president of media relations for ABC Television Studio, formerly Touchstone Television.

Gilmore is the staff member who releases many press releases related to Lost at ABC's site, as well as parent company Disney's site. Occasionally Gilmore also has been know to respond to editorials in the mass media.

Excerpts from editorial


"Regarding your article, "Real 'Lost' Mystery: Can TV Show Survive?" the answer is yes.

"Lost" consistently has been one of the top 10 shows on television — including the weeks you referenced as evidence of its demise.


"Lost" at 10 p.m. has increased ABC's audience for that hour by more than 5 million viewers and has beaten its closest competition by 33 percent in its target audience. "Lost" is ABC's highest-rated show in that time slot in 10 years and remains the No. 1 scripted show on Wednesday night.


"Lost" continues to be one of the most recorded shows on DVRs and one of the most popular shows on iTunes and on's broadband player.


The new time slot hasn't changed the appeal of "Lost," and neither will the dire predictions of industry watchers and reporters. "Lost" remains one of the most successful shows on television, and we'll continue to rely on the expertise and support of the Hawai'i community throughout its production run. "

--Charissa Gilmore, Vice president, media relations, ABC Television Studio

Honolulu Advertiser, February 28, 2007

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