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The Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA, is an intelligence agency of the United States Government, responsible for obtaining and analyzing information about foreign governments, corporations, and individuals, and reporting such information to the various branches of the U.S. Government. They also engage in more active roles, by "leaking" information (both true and false), to influence the actions of others towards the interests of the United States; and by engaging in covert operations where direct, but discreet, action is required.

In Lost

CIA Agent Alyssa Cole puts pressure on Sayid.

In "The Greater Good", Sayid was detained, auspiciously on suspicion of terrorism, at an airport and led to a room where he was introduced to CIA Agent Alyssa Cole, and Agent Robbie Hewitt from Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS). The two told Sayid that his former college roommate Essam Tasir was involved in a terrorist plot to blow up an Australian government building with a stash of C4, and they wanted to recruit Sayid to infiltrate the group. Sayid initially refused, but finally agreed to help when they promised to reveal Nadia's current whereabouts. They later use this leverage to prevent him from backing out of the sting later on.

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