Cows tended by Mikhail in ("Enter 77")

Sometimes on Lost, cattle play a role in the plot.


Cows roam farther outside The Flame station as well in ("Enter 77")

  • At least two cows were tended by Mikhail Bakunin at the Flame station, one white, one black & white.
    • There were large slabs of beef in the refrigerator at the Flame, that suggest the cattle were used as a food source. ("Enter 77")


The cow Frank Lapidus saw was confirmed on the Official Lost Podcast to be the same one shown in Season 3 ("Confirmed Dead")  (Official Lost Podcast/February 19, 2008)

  • In the Old Testament a red heifer was used in a purification ceremony (Numbers 19). Some modern adherents believe it will be necessary for a pure red heifer to be found for the rebuilding of the Temple and/or the End Time.
  • A cow is one of the guises of the Egyptian goddess Hathor. Horns are specifically mentioned in her description. One of her attributes is fertility. At birth, she was described as black-skinned or red-black.
  • In Lost Via Domus, if you look outside, you see there are no cows.