Two cats were depicted in the course of the storyline of "Enter 77".


Amira's cat. ("Enter 77")

Amira had a long-haired gray cat. Amira said she originally found it shortly after her torture at the hands of Sayid, when she was afraid to leave the apartment. She saw a bunch of boys abusing the animal by capturing it and forcing it in a box with exploding fireworks. She rescued and adopted it, saying that this was the first time she had a reason to leave the house since her ordeal. She said that the cat was usually nice, but occasionally scratched and bit her because of its earlier traumatic abuse. She related that she understood and forgave it, because she "knows what it's like not to feel safe."

On the Island

Nadia scratching at the trap door in floor. ("Enter 77")

Mikhail's cat was named Nadia, which surprised Sayid, because not only did it look similar to Amira's cat, but also it shared the same name as his love, Nadia. Mikhail said that the cat was named after Nadia Comăneci, an Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast whom he believed to be the greatest athlete who ever lived. The cat scratching on the floor was the first tip-off Sayid had that there was a secret trapdoor under the rug that ran down to the basement in the Flame. The cat was something that he fixated on when he first came upon The Flame, and also after the explosion of the station. The cat survived the explosion, and was seen sitting looking at Sayid at the end of the episode.


Mikhail's cat Nadia ("Enter 77")

  • Amira's cat was male while Nadia, presumably, was female.
  • In the March 26, 2007 podcast, executive producer Damon Lindelof insinuated that the magic box reference had something to do with the cat: "It would be kind of silly to walk to the middle of the island and there's a kind of a big large refrigerator box sitting there and Kate's horse comes trotting out and Sayid's little cat and Jack's dad ... that would be kind of the worst idea in the history of ideas."
  • However, in the March 21st, 2008 podcast, when asked whether some mysterious appearances were the Monster, humans, apparitions, animals, dead, etc., the producers stated that Mikhail's cat Nadia was an "animal and coincidence"
  • The cat, presumably Nadia, was mentioned again in the March 11th, 2010 podcast.