Well during the first ad break of the new season of lost in the UK we get a Hanso Foundation avert with the UK toll free telephone number 0800 666640.

Ringing it gives you 5 options for general enquiry, voice mail for Alvar Hanso and Dr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk, Hugh McIntyre and Peter Thompson. See Executive Bios

You get mixed strange messages in what sounds like Dutch, dropping in adverts for the Geronimo Jackson's debut Magna Carta, the Hanso website and jobs.

Listing to (1) the general option we hear that the they are having problems with the phone system and Persephone gives you a password to use on the site to learn more

Line 2 is for Alvar Hanso.

Line 3 Thomas Werner Mittelwerk, making reference to Widmore Construction.

Line 4 Hugh Mcintyre, making reference to Joop.

Line 5 takes you to Irene (making reference to the korean offshore project) who is interupted by Peter Thompson who is rather irate and threatens to sue you.

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