"Catch a Falling Star" is a piece from the Season 6 soundtrack. The piece is unique among album tracks in combining an orchestral arrangement with vocals, presumably Emilie de Ravin's.

Scene description

The massacre complete, Sayid and Claire emerge into the Temple's ruined courtyard. They pass wreckage, bodies and burning crosses. Kate follows them, collecting a rifle from one of the dead. Outside, the Man in Black stands with fifteen new recruits. Rain falls and Sayid and Claire join him. Kate comes last and is stunned to see the Man in Black in John Locke form. He receives Sayid and Claire with a self-satisfied expression but looks at Kate dismissively and slightly surprised. He leads the group away.


The first movement is a variation on the song "Catch a Falling Star". The second includes FLocke's theme.

Title significance

The piece shares its title with the famous Perry Como song that lends it its theme

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