The Hatch Computer.

Station3 computer room

The computer room, including the extra hardware in the background.

Station 3 chat

The Hatch Computer in Chat mode


The keyboard where Locke pushes the execute button

The computer used to enter the Numbers in the Swan is a composite of vintage computing devices.

On the island

  • The Station 3 Dharmatel terminal is very likely connected to other Stations and may be a central hub on the island by means of an intranet (as suggested by the Blast Door Map in episode Lockdown - the map's straight lines may indicate direct intranet connections).
  • The instructions on the orientation film stated that the computer was only to be used to enter the numbers. This entry is only to take place during the last 4 minutes of the countdown on the timer. The Numbers must be entered before the timer expires, then press EXECUTE (see Push the Button) to prevent another incident.
    • Michael ignored these instructions to communicate with his son, Walt (or someone claiming to be Walt), via the computer; none of the other plane survivors appear to be aware of this.
    • 'Henry Gale' claims to have also ignored the instructions during the lockdown incident.
  • Locke destroys the computer but throwing it to the floor in an attempt to prevent Desmond from pushing the button


  • The main unit appear to be an Apple II Plus running an [[wikipedia:Apple III|Apple III] monitor. The large lighted panel behind it is difficult to identify and may be an invention of the production; however, it does have the feeling of large IBM mainframes of the 1960s and '70s.
  • The Apple II was one of the more successful personal computers that were manufactured in the 1980s.
    • The original came standard with 16K RAM, but most were upgraded to 48k. Later, the II Plus shipped natively with 48k. It could only run one program at a time.
    • The Apple II Plus' keyboard has been modified for the show, with the right "SHIFT" button replaced by an "EXECUTE" button.
  • The other machines in the hatch's computer room appear to be mainframe components, including IBM 3420 magnetic tape drives; their 9-track spools are visible on the input desk.
  • Appears to be usable for purposes other than number entry during certain times, as Michael desperately seems to be waiting for a certain time during episode 22.


  • The command line for the computer " >: " when converted to Windows Wingdings font, gives characters of a Apple II-esque terminal and a tape reel.

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