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Casey was a gemologist of the DHARMA Initiative. She left the Island during the evacuation in 1977. She and Rosie appeared to be friends, as they were always seen together.

On the Island[]


Casey, along with June and Mike welcomed the new DHARMA recruits at the pier, including Roger Linus, Ben Linus, Buzz, Robert and Earl. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")


4 years later, Casey was seen sitting in the background, when Lafleur was gathering a flower for Juliet. ("LaFleur")


Casey in the Processing Center

The next day, Casey was working for the new DHARMA recruits. She was seen in the Processing Center, and helped the new members to register, including Raymond. ("Namaste") The scenes were later appeared in the new edition of the Barracks video.

Later, Casey was present at "the vote" with Rosie, to determine if Sayid should be executed. ("He's Our You") She left the island with Rosie on the Galaga when Pierre Chang organised the evacuation of all the DHARMA women and children from the Island. ("Follow the Leader")


Season 5 casey

A short haired Casey appeared in Season 5.

  • This character was officially credited as Dharma Welcomer in the ABC Medianet press release for "The Man Behind the Curtain".
  • Gemology (gemmology outside the United States) is the science, art and profession of identifying and evaluating gemstones. It is considered a geoscience and a branch of mineralogy.
  • A different actress, Ja-ne de Abreu, portrayed Casey in Season 5, as seen in a filming report that confirmed the DHARMA jumpsuit's nametag of the actress is Casey.

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