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Carrie is a horror novel written by Stephen King in 1974. It tells the story of Carrie White, a mousy misfit in her school, who is picked on mercilessly by classmates and ostracized for her eccentric background (her mother is a religious fanatic). Some of the students are punished, and one shows her sympathy, asking her boyfriend to take her to the prom instead; but other students want revenge and hatch a plan to humiliate her. What none of the students realize is that Carrie has the power of telekinesis. When she gets mad, she transforms from an innocent girl into a rage-filled monster, making it a prom no one will forget.

The book in hands of an Other. ("A Tale of Two Cities")

In Lost

  • Members of the Others' book club were sitting around discussing the novel when the plane crashed. Juliet stated it as her "all-time favorite book." Another member of the club, Adam, disagreed, saying that it was "by-the-numbers religious hokum-pokum" and that Ben didn't like it. ("A Tale of Two Cities")
  • A different edition of the book (not the same cover) was seen in Juliet's flashback, on Rachel's nightstand. ("Not in Portland") See the image here.
  • Ben read Carrie in his library for the forthcoming book club discussion, and complained that he found it depressing. ("One of Us") This was again a different edition, the paperback edition.


  • Carrie White, the eponymous heroine, attends Ewen High School. The principal of that school is named Henry Grayle (similar name to Henry Gale).
  • In the made-for-television version of Carrie, the role of villainous Chris Hargensen was played by Emilie de Ravin, who plays Claire in Lost.

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