Kate is in a car accident in "Born to Run".

There have been many car accidents relevant to the plotline of Lost.


Accident Notes
Kate and Ray Mullen
"Tabula Rasa"

Kate was riding with Ray Mullen, who had turned her in to the Marshal for the reward. As the Marshal later pointed out, Kate could have escaped had she not stayed back to help rescue Ray from the vehicle. ("Tabula Rasa")


Michael was hit by a car in New York City following a heated phone conversation with Susan, in which he threatened to fly to Amsterdam to retrieve Walt. Susan paid for the ensuing hospital bill and convinced Michael to give up custody of Walt to Brian Porter, her fiance. ("Special")

"Deus Ex Machina"

While chasing his mother through a parking lot, Locke was knocked over by a car pulling out of a parking spot. ("Deus Ex Machina")

Kate and Tom Brennan
"Born to Run"

Kate was involved in a car accident while driving with Tom Brennan, her childhood sweetheart, in the car. She was trying to escape the hospital after her mother alerted the security that she was there. The accident resulted in Tom's death. ("Born to Run")

Adam Rutherford
Sarah Shephard and Adam Rutherford

Jack's future wife, Sarah, and Shannon's father, Adam Rutherford (pictured to the left), were in a car accident a few years prior to the crash.

The accident caused serious damage to Sarah's spine, which Jack miraculously fixed and ultimately led to their marriage. The accident also killed Shannon's father, which left Shannon completely broke and alone, as her step-mother, Sabrina (Boone's mother), cut her off monetarily. ("Abandoned")

Kate and the Marshal
"What Kate Did"

A black horse ran across the road, forcing the Marshal to swerve to avoid it and crash into a telephone pole. Kate took the opportunity to escape. ("What Kate Did")

Edmund Burke
"Not in Portland"

Juliet's ex-husband Edmund Burke was killed by a bus as he backed into the road in Miami. He and Juliet were having a conversation about Rachel's successful experimental treatment and pregnancy. ("Not in Portland")

Claire accident
Claire and her mother
"Par Avion"

Claire and her mother were involved in an accident, the latter being put into a coma because of it. Immediately prior to the accident, Claire had been fighting with her mother and had said she hated her and wished her dead. ("Par Avion")

Normal talahassee-cap916
Anthony Cooper
"The Brig"

Anthony Cooper told Sawyer that he was in a car crash in Tallahassee just prior to his mysterious arrival on the island. ("The Brig")

"Through the Looking Glass, Part 1"

Jack caused a car accident when he contemplated suicide. The accident was what made him rethink his suicide and choose to save the family instead. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1")

4x01 hurleycrash
"The Beginning of the End"

Hurley crashed his car after his car chase attempting to escape the police and the ghost of Charlie. The car jumped a curb and became airborne, and finally came to rest after crashing into the Golden Pontiac in its fourth appearance on Lost. ("The Beginning of the End")

Michael car
"Meet Kevin Johnson"

Michael crashed his car while trying to commit suicide. After being driven into depression from being separated from Walt, Michael drove his car at full speed into a cargo container on a dock. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

Emily Locke
"Cabin Fever"

Emily Locke was hit by a car as a teenager, causing her to go into labor and deliver her son John 3 months prematurely. ("Cabin Fever")

John Locke
"The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"
Locke's car was hit by several others as he sped away from Abaddon's killer. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham")
"The Incident, Part 1"
Nadia was fatally struck by a car while crossing the street as Jacob spoke to Sayid. ("The Incident, Part 1")
Normal recon724
Kate and Sawyer
Kate crashed into James Ford's car while attempting to evade the police. Immediately after the collision, Kate jumped out of the car she was driving and ran down an alley. ("Recon")
6x12 AnInjuredLocke
Desmond and Locke
"Everybody Loves Hugo"
Locke was struck by Desmond in the parking lot of his high school, on purpose. His body flew over the car and he was visibly injured. Desmond fled the scene.

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