Ethan's canteen , the Staff's logo is visible on the canteen.

The Others have occasionally been seen using canteens with DHARMA logos.

Ethan Rom carried a canteen while he was spending time with Claire after having kidnapped her. When Claire was woozy after being injected by Ethan, he offered it to her to drink from and she said the liquid inside tasted sour. Ethan made it clear that he did not notice this. ("Maternity Leave")

While overseeing Kate and Sawyer working at the quarry, Juliet had a similar, if not the same, canteen. She offered it to Sawyer when he noticed her drinking from it, but he rebelliously poured it out as she was watching. ("The Glass Ballerina")

Octagonal logo found on the tail of the shark

Hurley held a canteen when coming back from the Others in the third season and used it to block Locke's knife coming right at him.


The canteen was first thought by fans to have the same DHARMA logo inscribed on it as the logo on the shark. [source needed] Observant viewers, however, noted that it was in fact the Staff logo. [source needed] The argument was later settled by the show's script coordinator, who himself was convinced it was the Staff logo. [source needed]

  • The one difference is that the logo on the Staff station black with the staff graphic in red while the logo on Ethan's canteen is white with the staff graphic still in red.
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