Candy Jean Muir (née Murray) is a background cast on Lost, she mainly appeared as an unnamed passenger of Flight 815 wearing a maroon knit shirt.

The character first appeared in flashback at Sydney Airport, walking around when Jack was at the Oceanic counter ("White Rabbit") ("House of the Rising Sun"). She later appeared at the airport again walking in the background ("Exodus, Part 1"), and was seen behind Sayid when he was released by the airport cop ("Exodus, Part 2"). She was then seen lining up behind Hurley at the Oceanic counter ("Exodus, Part 3"). The character eventually survived the crash and becoming one of the background Tailie ("The Other 48 Days"), and also appeared once again in flashback at Sydney Airport ("S.O.S."). In the afterlife, she was seen on Flight 815 ("LA X, Part 1") and later at LAX after the plane landed ("LA X, Part 2") ("What Kate Does") ("Happily Ever After").

Beside portraying a background tailie, Muir also appeared as a guest in Jack's wedding rehearsal dinner ("Do No Harm"). She was also in the actual wedding scene, however, she wasn't shown in that scene in the episode, and she was only seen in a promotional still.

According to Geronimo Jack's Beard, Muir was the nurse taking care of babies on set. She was seen taking care of Brandon Antoniuk, who played baby Ethan in "Namaste", as well as baby Jacob and baby in Black in "Across the Sea".

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