A cable ran out from the jungle to an underwater DHARMA Initiative station known as the Looking Glass.

The cable came out of the ground in the jungle within a few hundred feet of a ravine with a rope bridge across it. It then ran through the jungle along the ground to the beach on the south side of the Island. From the beach, it traveled through the ocean to the Looking Glass station.



Hurley with the cable ("Numbers")

The cable was first discovered coming out of the sea from an unseen source by Sayid. It was slightly damaged, revealing wires within it. Danielle Rousseau had set traps alongside the cable; one captured Sayid, another almost killed Hurley, and another would have killed Charlie without Desmond's intervention.



Desmond and Charlie use the cable to find an underwater station ("Greatest Hits")


According to Mikhail Bakunin, there were several cables that ran from the Flame to all the other DHARMA stations, to the Barracks, and to a beacon in the ocean which aided in the sonar navigation of the submarine arriving to the island from the outside world. He described the main purpose of the cable as being "for communication". ("Enter 77")

Using some documents that he retrieved from the Flame, Sayid later figured out that the cable serves as connection between the island and the underwater DHARMA station, the Looking Glass. ("Greatest Hits")

The documents displayed the cable in a different configuration than was seen in 2004. The side view of the cable showed an anchor structure near the shore where the cable went inland. The top view of the cable talked about the cable being anchored to land.

Sonar beacon[]

According to Mikhail, the cable led to the sonar beacon. This beacon allowed the submarine to locate the Island from the outside. ("Enter 77")

The cable was later shown to run to the Looking Glass, the schematics of which indicated a sonar and observation room. ("Greatest Hits") The show's creators have confirmed that the Looking Glass is the underwater station suspected by fans. (Official Lost Podcast/May 21, 2007)

It was said that the sonar beacon had been down since the electromagnetic pulse. The combination of the failure of the sonar system and the communications uplink at the Flame triggered the Flame's computer to provide a menu option asking if there had been an intrusion by the hostiles at the station. ("Enter 77")

Notable visitors[]

Picture Name First visit Last visit Reason for Visit
Sayid "Solitary" "Solitary" Discovered the cable whilst on his lonesome trek around the island on Day 9.
3x21 danielle promotional
Danielle "Solitary" "Solitary" Set traps across the length of the cable that ran into the jungle to combat the Others.
Hurley "Numbers" "Catch-22" Followed the cable inland a month after Sayid discovered it, and then returned once again a few months later to investigate one of Desmond's flashes.
Desmond "Catch-22" "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1" Went to investigate his flashes, and he camped next to the cable for the night. A week later, Desmond and Charlie returned to follow the cable into the ocean to investigate the Looking Glass.
Charlie "Catch-22" "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1" Went to investigate Desmond's flashes, and he camped next to the cable for the night. A week later, Charlie and Desmond returned to follow the cable into the ocean to investigate the Looking Glass.
Jin "Catch-22" "Catch-22" Went to investigate Desmond's flashes, and he camped next to the cable for the night
Mikhail face
Mikhail "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1" "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1" Shot at Desmond from the beach, next to the cable.

Comic Con 2006[]

The existence of an underwater DHARMA station was hinted at during the 2006 Comic Con in San Diego, in response to a fan question about the cable, approximately a year before the station appeared in an actual episode. This Lost panel discussion was also rebroadcast as The Official Lost Podcast on July 31, 2006.

Fan 7: I was just curious if next season, we were going to finally see the underwater hatch?
Damon Lindelof: The underwater hatch?
Fan 7: The underwater hatch.
Damon Lindelof: What is… what is this underwater hatch of which you speak? [Crowd laughs]
Fan 7: You know that cable?
Carlton Cuse: The cable…! Ahh.
Damon Lindelof: Oh, that’s interesting.
Fan 7: They went to the right? Maybe swam out to check it out?
Damon Lindelof: Well, I would not deny that there is an underwater hatch.
Carlton Cuse: Yeah, I wouldn’t confirm it, but… [Someone cheers, crowd laughs]
Damon Lindelof: Bryan? What are your thoughts?
Bryan Burk: I’m… I don’t speak English. [Crowd laughs]
Damon Lindelof: Are they… are they acting surprised about the underwater hatch? Poker face, they got it locked now.
Fan 7: Thanks a lot, guys.
Damon Lindelof: Our pleasure. [Jorge claps]
Carlton Cuse: [Laughs] You’re applauding us for being evasive? [Laughs]

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