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Locke dreams of Horace because he's the new Leader

People, including the dead, appear to "the chosen one" in dreams and give them the direction they need to lead their people and to protect the Island. This is why Ben said, "I used to have dreams, too." Ben used to be lead by his dreams the way Locke is now experiencing it. Either Jacob or "The Island" are controlling these images that "the chosen one" sees.

DHARMA wrote the Secondary Protocol

The secondary protocol Keamy got from the safe had the DHARMA logo, so it was not printed/produced by Widmore. This indicates that the Others are following the Dharma protocols in the event of an "attack" on the Island. This is how Keamy and company know where to find Ben and how he knows where the elevator is to go to the "real", below ground Orchid Station.

The Items

See Richard's objects/Theories.


Locke's smoke monster drawing

  • Locke has had dreams as a child about the Smoke Monster (hence the drawing that Richard sees). This is why Locke is so curious the first time he sees the Monster, and when he finally has custody of Ben in Confirmed Dead, it's the first thing he asks him: "What is the Smoke Monster??"
    • Why he painted the picture is the same reason he choose the knife. He is in a time-loop and have some semi-knowledge of previous rounds.
      • That's why Richard was disappointed when Locke choose the knife because he wants to end the loop.
        • Being special is being able to recieve information from previous loops.
  • The drawing is of the plane crash and of Locke lying on the beach.
  • The drawing could be a reference to Locke's sweatlodge-induced vision quest from Further Instructions (there appears to be a man lying in front of a fire with his eyes open).
  • The drawing is definitely the scene where Locke is almost pulled into the Cerberus Vent. Remember he asks Jack to just "let him go, hell be alright", we know that Jack saves him though, Kate too throwing dynamite in there.
  • I'm not positive that we can ASSSUME that Locke drew the picture. While he said he did when Richard asked, it would be very LOST-like for that to be misleading... is it possible a different child in the house drew the picture? I don't think we can rule this out.
    • Come on man, that was obviously meant to be Locke's drawing. None of the other characters in that house have been since before or since.
  • Richard intervened to make sure things worked exactly like they should have in Locke's life.