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Enhanced version of Season 4, Episode 11: Cabin Fever-Enhanced

Produced by: Met|Hodder

Act 1

This flashback takes place in the 1950s.
Emily is 16 years old
and dancing to the music
of Buddy Holly's, Everyday.
Buddy Holly died in a plane crash
in Clear Lake, Iowa in 1958.

Ben's mother was also named Emily.
She gave birth to Ben at 7 months
but she did not survive the delivery.

Locke, Hurley and Ben
are searching for Jacob's cabin.
Locke and Ben visited Jacob
last season in "The Man Behind the Curtain."

The people Locke is referring to
are the mercenary team from the freighter
who attacked the barracks in this season's
"The Shape of Things to Come."

The freighter is 90 miles away from the island.
Desmond and Sayid flew to the freighter
in hopes of securing rescue for the survivors.

The helicopter is returning from the island.
The injured man was attacked at the barracks
by the smoke monster.

This is Keamy, the leader of the mercenary team.
He and his men were hired by Charles Widmore
to find Ben and kill everyone on the island.

This is Captain Gault
also hired by Charles Widmore
to bring the mercenary and science teams
from Port of Fiji to the island.

Michael is Ben's spy on the freighter.
Michael gathered the names of all the crew
and gave the information to Ben.

Michael is being held prisoner
because Sayid told Captain Gault
that Michael was a traitor.

In this season's episode, "Meet Kevin Johnson"
Michael learned that he still has work to do
and the island will not let him die.

Under Ben's orders
Michael sabotaged the ship's radio and engines
in an effort to prevent the mercenary team
from coming to the island and killing everyone.

Act 2

We saw Horace in Ben's Season 3 backstory
in "The Man Behind the Curtain."
Horace and his wife helped Roger and Emily Linus
when Emily went into early labor with Ben.
Horace was killed in the Purge
a mass killing of the DHARMA Initiative.

The man is Richard Alpert, an Other from the island
who seemingly does not age.

The cabin is difficult to find
because it seems to move from place to place.

The DHARMA Initiative was a research project
carried out by a group of scientists
who came to the island in the 1970s
to study its unique properties.

This mass grave contains the remains
of the victims of the Purge.
This is also where Ben shot Locke
and left him to die.

Act 3

This is a foster home
where John Locke lived as a boy.
When Locke met his mother years later
he told her he was never adopted.

Locke has played Backgammon on the island.
He taught Walt how to play in the pilot episode.
He also had a game with Sawyer in "Eggtown."

As an adult, when Locke met his mother
she told him he was very special
and destined for great things
in the Season 1 episode, "Deus Ex Machina."

The crayon drawing resembles
a child's interpretation
of the smoke monster on the island.

The comic book is Mystery Tales #40.
The cover reads: "What was the secret
of the mysterious 'hidden land!'" and
"Does it pay to ignore the 'voice of warning!'"

The test Alpert is giving young John
is similar to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition
of identifying the reincarnation
of the Dalai Lama.

The title on the book reads, "Book of Laws."

Locke will eventually meet Alpert again
years later on the island.
Alpert will help Locke with another test
that entails killing Locke's father
as revealed in the Season 3 episode, "The Brig."

Ben shot Locke because he felt threatened
that Locke could communicate with Jacob.
At that time, Locke could not see Jacob
but he heard Jacob say, "Help me."

These are the remains of Horace Goodspeed
the man who appeared in Locke's dream.

The "getaway" place Horace was building
became the cabin where Jacob resides.

Mayhew is the mercenary soldier
who was attacked by the smoke monster.

The sickness the captain speaks of
was caused by
the freighter's close proximity to the island.

A DHARMA logo for the Orchid station
is visible on the front cover of the documents.
The logo was also on the parka Ben was wearing
in the Saraha desert in this season's episode
"The Shape of Things to Come."

That sound is the Morse Code Faraday sent
from the island two days ago.
The delay of the message would indicate
that the radio waves are not traveling
on the correct bearing with which
Faraday calibrated the satellite phones.

Act 4

Locke and Sawyer were at a standoff
over who would take Hurley
in this season's episode
"The Shape of Things to Come".

As leader of the Others, Ben got things done
by being a master manipulator.

This is Cowin Heights High School in 1972.
On the inside of John Locke's locker
is a poster of the obscure musical group
Geronimo Jackson.

Hurley and Charlie
found Geronimo Jackson's only album
in the Swan DHARMA station
in the Season 2 episode, "The Hunting Party."

Juliet was recruited by Mittelos BioScience
to come to the island and conduct research.
Her recruiter was also Richard Alpert.

Science vs. Faith is the central conflict
between Jack and Locke on the island.
Jack is known as the man of science
and Locke said he is a man of faith.

In the Season 1 episode, "Deus Ex Machina"
Locke uttered those same words to the guide
in the walkabout travel office in Sydney.

Lapidus was a pilot for Oceanic Airlines
and was scheduled to fly flight 815
the day of the crash.
In this season's episode, "Confirmed Dead"
Lapidus saw the alleged wreckage of 815 on TV.
He realized the pilot shown in the footage
was not the actual pilot of Oceanic 815.
Lapidus believes the plane wreckage
is part of a big conspiracy, created by Ben.

Faraday told Lapidus to follow the same bearing
when Lapidus brought Desmond and Sayid
to the freighter in his helicopter
in this season's episode, "The Economist."

Desmond made contact with Penny
for a brief moment
when Sayid repaired the phone on the freighter
in this season's episode, "The Constant."
Penny promised Desmond she would find him.

Act 5

Jack removed Ben's tumor
in the Season 3 episode
"Not in Portland."

Locke told Jack that it was destiny
that brought him to the island
in the Season 1 episode, "Exodus."

Locke became paralyzed from the waist down
after falling eight stories out of a window.
Locke was pushed out the window
by his father, Anthony Cooper
in the Season 3 episode
"The Man from Tallahassee."
After Oceanic 815 crashed on the island
Locke regained the ability to walk.

This is Matthew Abaddon.
He works for Charles Widmore
and organized the freighter team.
We saw Abaddon give Naomi her orders
in this season's episode, "Confirmed Dead."

As revealed in the flash forward
of this season's, "The Beginning of the End"
Abaddon will also pay a visit to Hurley
during Hurley's stay at the mental institute.
During that visit, Abaddon will ask Hurley
"Are they still alive?"

In the Season 1 episode, "Walkabout"
Locke went to Australia to go on a walkabout.
But when the tour guide discovered
that Locke was in a wheelchair
he told Locke he could not participate.
Locke left Australia on Oceanic flight 815
and crashed on the island.

The name Abaddon is a biblical reference
which means, "guardian of the abyss."

The doctor's body
washed up on the beach with a slashed throat
in this season's episode
"The Shape of Things to Come."

It would seem the doctor's body
did not float to the island's shore
at the correct bearing.

Lapidus activated the GPS tracking function
of his satellite phone.

Act 6

Jack is recovering from surgery.
Juliet removed his inflamed appendix
in the previous episode
"Something Nice Back Home."

The phone's GPS tracking function is active
giving Jack and his fellow survivors
a chance to find the helicopter.

Ben told Locke
that Jacob is not someone you visit
but rather, he summons you.

That fact that Locke
can communicate with Jacob
makes him very special.

This is Jack's father, Christian Shepard
who died in Sydney, Australia.
Jack was bringing his body back to LA
when Oceanic 815 crashed on the island

Christian is also Claire's father.
Claire disappeared into the jungle with him
in the previous episode
"Something Nice Back Home."

Claire's infant son, Aaron, is with Sawyer
who is hiking back to the beach camp
along with Miles from the freighter.