Charlie (center left) and Liam Pace (center right), along with the rest of Drive Shaft advertising Butties Diapers. ("Fire + Water")

A version of "You All Everybody" called "You All Every Butties" was recorded as an advertisement for Butties Diapers. It was filmed in London by Drive Shaft, who had seemingly fallen upon hard times. The advertisement featured the whole band dressed as babies, shaking their bottoms at the camera from inside an enormous crib. The crib contained a large stuffed polar bear. Charlie's brother Liam got the band fired, because he was too high on heroin to get through the take. ("Fire + Water")

The distinctive Butties logo is later seen as an Easter Egg as one of the ads in the background of the football (soccer) match Desmond watches on TV. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes")


  • According to extra material on the Season 2 DVDs, the producers wanted the Drive Shaft members to cross Abbey Road in diapers in the commercial, but couldn't secure permission.
  • Their fan-made website can be found at [1]

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