Build Our World is a third-world charity construction organization for which Sayid worked in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) sometime in 2007. When Locke came to see him, Sayid was part of the crew helping to build a school. Sayid refused Locke's plea to return to the Island, believing that Locke was being manipulated and that his own work with Build Our World was, by contrast, "real good". ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham")

Ben later visited Sayid at a work site to inform him of Locke's death. The sign at the construction site read: Otro Proyecto de "Construyendo Nuestro Mundo" para servicio a la comunidad ("Another 'Building Our World' project for service to the community"). ("He's Our You")

Ben insisted that Sayid was in danger from Widmore and his associates. Before Ben's arrival, however, Abaddon, under the direction of Widmore and Locke, had already discovered Sayid's location and did not attempt to harm him.


  • Build Our World seems to serve a purpose similar to Un Techo para mi País (A Roof for my Country).
  • Santo Domingo, or St. Dominic, founded a religious order within Catholicism now called Dominicans. He is the patron saint of the Dominican Republic, astronomy, and the falsely accused. He is also believed to have had a role in the Inquisition.
  • St. Dominic sold all of his clothes, his furniture and his personal library to give money to the poor.
  • Dominic is also credited with the development of the rosary. Rosaries typically have 54 beads in a loop (half of 108), connected to a string of 5 beads leading to a crucifix.


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