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The Lost Experience
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BroadBandBeatnik is the username of a fictional user of the Retrievers of Truth forums in the storyline of the Lost Experience game. He worked closely with Fiberoptician (the two talked offline and had lunch together). On July 14, a new thread appeared on ROT that suggested that Beatnik had left the Retrievers of Truth, after Fiber had seen boxes on his desk, and joined The Hanso Foundation:

Fiberoptician 10:48am

Now I remember seeing boxes on his desk yesterday. I thought it was just a run of the mill delivery, what have you.

iobiSeeingYou 10:51am

  • Gasp!* Do you think he...

DSLerator 10:53am

The lowlife probably took a job with Hanso!


Thats me

BroadBandBeatnik's picture from Comic Con.

On July 27 he wrote that he did not upload the Thomas Mittelwerk broadbandstory ads claiming that he was at Comic Con. The other users did not believe him, and so he posted a picture of the back of his head at Comic Con. The following is a the transcript of their thread "Return of the Prodigal Son".

BroadBandBeatnik 12:02pm Yo yo yo. What is up everybody?

iobiSeeingYou 12:04pm TRAITOR on the premises!

Fiberoptician 12:07pm DSL, I hear buzzing. Quick, get my bug spray.

BroadBandBeatnik 12:10pm Huh? You talking to me?

Fiberoptician 12:13pm Yeah, you and your half a kilobyte brain cell.

iobiSeeingYou 12:15pm Are you logging in from some Hanso retreat out in the Pacific? Fishing for inside information? You are dead to me. D E A D. Someone unplug him.

BroadBandBeatnik 12:17pm Sheesh, what's the hostility for?

DSLerator 12:20pm I'm gonna shut this board down if you won't stop hacking into it.

BroadBandBeatnik 12:23pm Hey, what did I do?

iobiSeeingYou 12:25pm Jeez. He's practicing his acting skills. Got an explanation? Well, I don't wanna hear it.

Fiberoptician 12:27pm Your log-in time is about to expire. You have 5, 4, 3 seconds left to evacuate...

BroadBandBeatnik 12:29pm HEY! Seriously now! Call it quits. I'm gone for a week and you all freak out on me? I thought we discussed it earlier this month! Yeah, I'm sorry you were all too busy working on the Beatbox Mixer.

DSLarator 12:31pm Yeah. Day and night. For 5 months straight. Nice of you to notice.

Fiberoptician 12:34pm *drum roll* And......GO! Boom chicka boom click clack clack.

iobiSeeingYou 12:36pm Geek.

Fiberoptician 12:37pm And proud of it. I got skills. I practice in front of the mirror.

iobiSeeingYou 12:40pm Can we get back to the point, please?

DSLerator 12:43pm Beatnik, you've been excommunicated.

BroadBandBeatnik 12:45pm Why?! Because I'm the slacker that got a few extra days off to attend biggest and coolest event of the year. So sue me. I'm not sorry. Comic Con ROCKS.

DSLerator 12:48pm You went to Comic Con?

BroadBandBeatnik 12:51pm No to Ethiopia. YES I WENT TO COMIC CON.

Fiberoptician 12:53pm Oh yeah..... Now I remember... He did tell me one day over lunch.

iobiSeeingYou 12:56pm I don't believe it. Prove it.

BroadBandBeatnik 1:01pm Here. ( That's the back of my head.

Fiberoptician 1:03pm That is the back of his head.

BroadBandBeatnik 1:06pm So there.

iobiSeeingYou 1:08pm Fine. But if you were at Comic Con, who uploaded Mittelwerk to Broadband Stories?

Fiberoptician 1:10pm Good question.

Later, it was found out in the ROT thread "To Tell A Sleuth" that Beatnik was never at ComicCon. He indeed posted Mittelwerk to BroadbandStories, but it was under guidance from Rachel Blake (she believed Mittelwerk would undermine his own company by showing a video where they promoted the Internet, yet couldn't stop continuous hacks on the Hanso website).

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