Brian Costas was an intern worked in St. Sebastian Hospital and appeared in "Man of Science, Man of Faith", as well as "Abandoned", and was shown working with Jack in the ER when Adam Rutherford and Sarah were brought in as patients from an automobile accident.

As Jack tended first to stabilizing Sarah, he had to delegate responsibilities for the treatment of Mr. Rutherford. He told Brian to intubate him. Brian did not know how, saying, "I can't intubate, you've got to," and Rutherford soon died. Brian's last line was: "Time of death, 8:15 AM."


  • Brian was credited as Intern, and his full name was seen on his staff badge.
  • Brian's name is a reference to the set decorator Brian Costa, who was also the assistant property master of the episode.
  • Brian's watch read 11:14 A.M. although the time of death indicated it should have been 8:15 AM.