Sun owned a Shar Pei dog named Bpo Bpo (Hangul: 뽀뽀) in Korea. Its name means "a kiss."

Environmental Safety Secretary Byung Han originally gifted the valuable "championship breed" dog to Jin. Regulations had closed one of Mr. Paik's factories, but rather than physically intimidating Han, Jin merely warned him verbally. Delighted, Han gave Jin his daughter's puppy, and Jin gave it to his wife soon after. ("...In Translation")  ("House of the Rising Sun")

Sun regularly walked the dog, and was walking it when Jin's mother approached her for blackmail. ("D.O.C.") When she planned to leave Jin, Sun asked her decorator to take care of the puppy for her. Her friend returned the dog when Sun came back to Korea -- Sun's digital camera showed pictures of her and Bpo Bpo together. ("The Package")

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