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This article is about the Others' reading group. For other uses of "book club" see: Book club (disambiguation)

The book club ("A Tale of Two Cities")

The "book club" is an informal group of Others who get together periodically to discuss a book that was selected by the meeting's host.

"So I guess I'm out of the book club" - Ben, "A Tale of Two Cities"

Juliet's book


Juliet holding Stephen King's "Carrie" ("A Tale of Two Cities")

In "A Tale of Two Cities", Juliet hosts the meeting of the Book Club, which is discussing Stephen King's Carrie.

  • Adam criticizes Juliet's reading selection, saying that Ben wouldn't even read it in the bathroom.
    • In contrast, Ben previously intimated to Locke in "Maternity Leave" that he likes Stephen King, specifically preferring his books to those of Dostoyevsky. This may have been a bit of ironic humor on Ben's part, since the Book Club had been reading a Stephen King novel immediately before witnessing the plane crash, and Ben was interrogated by the survivors 58 days later.
  • Juliet tells Adam that it is her favorite book. Later, when the Others are drawn outside by the mid-air breakup of Oceanic Flight 815, she is still clutching the book.
  • Ben was a member, and thought Carrie was depressing. He was apparently kicked out of the club by Juliet after the altercation in his kitchen regarding Ben and Rachel's cancer. ("One of Us")


  • It's notable that so many copies of the same book are available on the island. The copies of the book are also various editions with different sleeve artwork.
  • If Ben was still in the club, there would be eight members.

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Unanswered questions
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