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Bobby Roth is a director on Lost.

Background and Personal Life[]

Robert Jay Roth was born and grew up in Los Angeles. He attended college at UC Berkeley, where he studied Philosophy and Creative Writing. In 1972, Roth attended USC and received a BA in Cinema. In 1975, Roth received an MFA in Motion Picture Production from UCLA. Roth has one son, Nick Roth, an actor.



Roth on the Galaga while shooting "The Man Behind the Curtain"

Roth's career has often alternated between independent filmmaking and commercial television. Roth's directorial debut came in 1976 with his film Independence Day. In 1984, he directed an episode of the cop drama Miami Vice. In 1985, Roth created the television series The Insiders for ABC, which ran for only two episodes. Roth directed The Man Who Fell to Earth in 1987. Several years later, in 1992, Roth directed an episode of Beverly Hills 90210. Roth continued directing independent films and small television episodes. He also wrote and directed Jack the Dog, and Berkeley, which came out in 2001 and 2005, respectively. Berkeley, which starred his son Nick, also starred Henry Winkler and Tom Morello. Roth began directing larger television shows in the mid-2000s, directing episodes of Numb3rs, New Amsterdam, and Criminal Minds. Roth also directed many episodes of the show Prison Break, which he considered to be his "main TV show." Roth is currently directing the TV event Shattered, which is about a cop with multiple personality disorder.

On Lost[]

In 2006, Roth was invited by Jack Bender to direct an episode of the third season of Lost, which turned out to be the well-received episode "The Man Behind the Curtain." Roth expressed interest to return to the show, but did not return until season five of the show, when he directed "Whatever Happened, Happened," the eleventh episode of the season. In season six, he directed "Sundown".