"Bobbing for Freighters" is an orchestral piece on the Season 4 soundtrack. It plays during the build up to the freighter's destruction.

Scene description

On the helicopter, Kate recalls Sawyer's sacrifice, and Jack promises to return for him.

In the Orchid station, Keamy promises that Widmore will find Ben, no matter where he runs. He then dies, despite Locke's best efforts to save him.

Michael sees that the explosives on the freighter have become armed. He sends Desmond to the deck. When the helicopter lands, Desmond tells them about the bomb, and they quickly patch and refuel the helicopter. Kate gives Aaron to Sun and tells her to board.

Michael sends Jin to Sun. He searches for a way outside. Before he makes it though, Jack and Kate pull Sun into the helicopter. They take off, leaving Jin behind.

Christian appears to Michael, telling him he can "go now." Just as Jin runs out onto the deck, waving his arms, the boat explodes. Sun screams in hopeless desperation.


The piece begins by blending Kate's theme and motif then moves to the freighter's theme. It plays a quick segment of Ben's theme. Widmore's motif plays, followed by the Monster motif and Frank's motif. A brief section of the main theme's counterpoint plays. Then, in the climax, the freighter's theme and Sun and Jin's theme alternate as Widmore's motif plays in the background.

Title significance

The title references bobbing for apples.