• Ameliaamyy

    As is the case with any career objective, it is imperative that one take certain considerations in mind in order to limit the possibilities for catastrophic outcomes. Joining the U.S. Navy is no different and there are certain prerequisites which must be addressed before such a mammoth task is embarked upon. This piece will therefore introduce the necessaries which are mandatory for any individual hoping to enlist in this prestigious organization. 1) Have a Dream/Goal

    The principal thing to do is to ensure that there is a goal in mind. As the adage goes "without a vision, the people perish" and this must be clearly considered before anything else. This means whether you are a recent high-school graduate or someone wishing to change career… Read more >
  • Mars22bar

    i dont get it

    October 5, 2014 by Mars22bar

    can you give me a little more info cause i cannot get iit :(

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  • Gregaus

    This is my tribute video for the 10th Anniversary of LOST - without exception the best TV show & story ever told.

    I felt this track (in particular, the lyrics) worked really well with footage from the show. It's as if this song (by Australian artist, Tina Arena) was written for LOST.

    The lyrics are a perfect description of the opportunity provided to all who came to the Island.

    Reset All
    Never thought it would be like this
    It all fell down in pieces
    Ripping those puzzles apart
    Surviving on broken hearts
    We were young and we didn't know
    The kaleidoscope lost its colour
    It all turned into grey
    We started moving in separate ways
    I've been holding on
    Just to let go
    Turn a blind eye not sure I wanna know
    Clear the slate, go …

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  • CrazyUncleRyan

    Happy Birthday!

    September 22, 2014 by CrazyUncleRyan

    Happy 10th Anniversary LOST. You are still the greatest show in TV history 10 years latter!

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  • Baker1000

    10 years? Has it really been that long? I am of course talking about 10 years since the Lost Pilot first hit television screens and kick started a worldwide phenomenon. It was one of the most explosive TV pilots of all time, quite literally in the case of the opening sequence. At the time it aired, it was the most expensive pilot in TV history, rolling in at around $12 million – but it was worth every penny as 18 million tuned in to watch it. So it really has been 10 years since this incredible show took over our lives, and I’m glad to have been a part of it from the very start. I have a small confession to make though – I wasn’t there from the least not September 22nd, 2004. I am British, and therefore never had the opportunity …

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  • Gregaus

    As the 10th anniversary of LOST is upon us, thought I'd share with everyone this excellent new book about the show, written from the perspective of fans.

    By Meg Donhauser, Heather Hersey, Brien Gorham, & Cathy Stutzman

    Recapture the magic of television's LOST through the eyes of its devoted fan base. "Losties" from all around the globe recount their favorite moments and discuss the show's themes and mysteries through the lens of their own lives. It's time to go back to the Island once more.

    In 2004, ABC aired the premiere episode of LOST, a show that would go on to capture the imaginations of millions of fans for six seasons. Years after its final episode, LOST continues to occupy the hearts and minds of those fans who dubbed themselves "Lost…

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  • LOST-Graft

    Flashback whoosh sound

    August 27, 2014 by LOST-Graft

    I'm working on a fun project that promises to be pretty cool. I'm editing together an abridged version of the Lost storyline in chronological order. Kind of like a really long "Previously on Lost". My question is, can anyone think of an instance of a flashback or flash-forward whoosh sound from an episode that is relatively "clean" – meaning there's no music, dialogue, or other ambient sound effects on it? I want to be able to overlay it on transitions instead of fading out a whoosh sound or ending it abruptly with other noises on it.

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  • Hughdent

    Lost Shorts

    August 19, 2014 by Hughdent

    Can anyone tell me why no one on Lost wore shorts? Shannon did but I believe she is the only one. It was hot, they cut the sleeves out of their shirts, but no one wore shorts.

    This may not interest anyone but me all the same...........

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  • D.chasesmith


    July 20, 2014 by D.chasesmith

    I have just finished watching Lost. I know I'm a little late to the party, but would like to say glad I came. This quickly became one of my favorite series I had ever watched. I enjoyed every season, every episode, and every plot twist. It kept my attention and, to me at least, had very few dull moments. I haven't looked around the site much, and REALLY wished I had found this website while watching the show. As I'm sure you can guess, I came here searching for answers after the final credits rolled. Like those one Oceanic 815 I am having issues "moving on". I look forward to going through different theories and thoughts on this site, and talking with those who are still on here.

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  • Master Tej

    Here concludes a trilogy of fantastic episodes that really hyped up the mystery. That slammed their metaphorical hands down on the table in front of them and made sure everybody watching knew this show was going to be a mystery show. In the context of modern television, this was actually a bit of a "risky" move, so to speak. I mean, drama shows as serious storytelling medium were still a young concept in the medium of film. In addition to that, such a mystery show that brought up questions as LOST did had never been done before. It was new to audiences, and seems like it would be something less likely to work, like it should have failed.

    But it didn't.

    I will say that this episode seems a bit less . . . plot heavy when compared to other e…

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  • Master Tej

    Raised by Another

    July 1, 2014 by Master Tej

    It's been a bit of a hiatus since my last blog post, but I'll go on ahead and jump right in with this one.

    This episode continues what I've always personally thought of as a "trio" of episodes that really put LOST on its tracks for the rest of the series. Sure, the show had been fantastic up to this point, but these three episodes (Solitary, Raised by Another, and All the Best Cowboys have Daddy Issues) started putting in new mysteries galore, introduced the constant concept of other people on the Island (save for the french transmission from Pilot, Part II) and, as I explained in my last blog post, really started to give the show "that great LOST feel.

    It's interesting to ponder why this is. Perhaps it was that Lindelof and Abrams tried to gi…

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  • Elena2000


    June 12, 2014 by Elena2000

    hola soy nueva y aun nose como utilizar bien esto alguien me podría explicar bien?

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  • Baker1000

    As I'm sure most of you are aware, Lost will officially have been on our screens for 10 years on September 22nd, 2014. I was thinking of a way that we could celebrate on Lostpedia. I know a lot of you will start a rewatch in the coming months, or you may have done already (I'm in the middle of Season 1 now). So here's the deal - I want to see some Lost tribute blogs reflecting on the past 10 years, and I'll stick them on the front page in the news section for all to see. It could be anything really. A review of the latest episode you've just rewatched, a tribute to your favourite episode or moments, the first time you watched the pilot, or indeed any episode (we all had to start somewhere), or just a collection of memories from over the ye…

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  • Janealessandra


    May 25, 2014 by Janealessandra

    I would've liked to see more of Clementine during Season 5/6. I mean, we saw a picture of her in Season 3, then in one episode two seasons later. Sawyer meeting her would've been great, or maybe Sawyer being a father in a flash-sideways. In a flash-sideways, Clementine could've been Juliet and Sawyer's daughter. Just a little thing x

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  • Leopardstar333


    May 2, 2014 by Leopardstar333

    Italic text waz up guyseeeee?? im lockestar!!! im a fan of losttttttt and warriorsssssssss and pokemonzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! soooo im a artist, yeah im 12.... yeah and i wear cat ear headbanz evrywere.... so im awsome!!!

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  • Master Tej


    April 24, 2014 by Master Tej

    This episode is always particularly exciting for me. It's this episode, along with the two after it, that really started to make LOST a mystery show. For me, the characters have always been the biggest part of the show, but taking into consideration the common thought that The Island is also a character, one can find the show both character driven and mystery inspired at the same time.

    Although mysteries had already been opened up in the show up to this point (the black smoke, polar bear, french transmission, Locke, and Adam and Eve) the show started here to really gain that great LOST feel, if that makes any sense. It introduced so many new mysteries, all of which, I can happily say, were answered in the end, at least to my recollection.

    Of …

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  • Master Tej

    Confidence Man

    April 5, 2014 by Master Tej

    I gotta be honest guys, this was one of the lesser episodes for me so far. Season 1 carried itself beautifully up until this point, and although the episode was still good, it failed to measure up to the others before it, in my opinion. However, I have read that Sawyer's letter was originally intended to be a suicide note, and what they came up with, in my opinion, is more interesting.

    As for my Flight 815 passenger list, my next thought was to include the ones notable to the fanbase - mainly, the ones who have been given nicknames, as they seem to hold a certain extra importance. To start with -

    "Sexy Blue Striped Shirt Girl" - Faith Fay. She was only in two and one half seasons, but her sassy walk and wolf-whistle inducing shirt called…

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  • Baker1000

    Yes, you read correct. Someone on Wikipedia's FA selection panel either has a brilliant sense of humour or has a real soft spot for Nikki and Paulo. I just find it incredible of all the shows characters, they somehow came to the decision that two of the least memorable characters (in TV history?) were worthy of a spot on the front page.

    Check it out yourself:

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  • Balanacus1273

    I have been using this wiki for about 2 months now while I have been re-watching the show. I can remember the bamboo that Jack woke up in like the back of my hand. It's truly a shame it ended because I always wanted to do an episode recap and summary on a website like this. The one thing that all losties will notice about me is that I have very different opinions to most people which can be complicated or just plane simple (see what I did there) I am going to be expressing my thoughts on lots of LOSTs best unsolvable mysteries. Like What are Walts powers, what did Locke see in the jungle in season 1 and my own personal spin on why there are polar bears.

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  • Balanacus1273

    Who wants to know?

    March 16, 2014 by Balanacus1273

    My blog writing expertise is not exactly up to par with all the other members of this community so I must ask you, anyone else, what should I talk about?

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  • BalkOfFame

    It's nice to see that people' have already updated our page for Boeing 737. But the cool professionalism of an article leaves us little room to just let loose and yell, "Whoa, HOW CRAZY IS THIS?"

    The latest is that the the plane lost communications and drifted for four hours off-course before meeting its final fate, whatever that was. The flight's manifest has been released, and I have no doubt at all that some particularly keen individuals have taken to memorizing every name on it. And some of the passengers were using fake passports - not because they were terrorists bringing down the flight but because they just happened to be keeping incidental secrets!

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  • Hassanelagouz

    == Love Is the Essence of Creation--Hassanelagouz (talk) 15:00, March 13, 2014 (UTC)

    The Pride of Humanity was a man of love and affection. One of his names was Habibullah (the Beloved of God). In addition to meaning one who loves, habib means one who is loved, one who loves God, and one who is loved by God. Sufi masters like Imam Rabbani,[4] Mawlana Khalid,[5] and Shah Waliyyullah[6] state that love is the ultimate station of the spiritual journey.

    God created the universe as a manifestation of His love for His creatures, in particular humanity, and Islam became the fabric woven out of this love. In the words of Bediüzzaman, love is the essence of creation. Just as a mother's love and compassion compels her to allow a surgeon to operate on h…

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  • Master Tej

    The Moth

    March 9, 2014 by Master Tej

    So then. I know my last blog post was . . . not that long ago, but I'm actually really excited to start this one. This was a highly uplifting episode for Charlie's character development. I mean, for a show centered around character development, especially so at this point, it was great.

    Although not quite at the same level of awesome in my mind as some of the earlier episodes, it was still great nonetheless, especially for Charlie's awesome emergence from the caves with Jack.

    Now, to resume with my selection of the "Ideal Cast." One thing to add is that his only deals with survivors of the Middle-section, as the Cockpit only entailed Seth Norris, and the Tail-Section survivors remained consistent in the one episode they were in.

    I establi…

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  • Master Tej

    Alright alright alright! Hey everybody!

    House of the Rising Sun . . . man, this continues in the string of Season 1 greats. The "what the hell?!" moment of Jin attacking Michael, seeing the relationship of Sun and Jin unfold (complete with the added bonus of a heartwarming love gone bad), and finally seeing Sun deciding to stay with Jin all made this one great. That last scene at the Sydney airport still gets to me, and, particularly, finding out Sun's speaks English . . . it was all great.

    I'm going to start a personal project on here - figuring out the most logical cast of Oceanic 815 survivors. We already know a good many of them, our Jack's and our Locke's, but what about the background extras?

    LOST originally started out with 33 backg…

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  • Master Tej

    White Rabbit

    February 13, 2014 by Master Tej

    Hey! I know it's been a little while, but I'm still here, so I'll keep on.

    This episode, although not quite comparable to the preceding Walkabout, was still excellent. After all, it heightened the mystery with Christian Shephard and the discovery of the caves, introduced the first bits of interaction between Jack and Locke, gave us the Life and Death theme (which is beautiful) and also gave us the penultimate LOST catchphrase - "Live Together, Die Alone." What's not to love?

    I'll admit that I gush, but the scene in which Jack tore open the coffin . . . and there was no body, was great. It was shocking, and his reaction seemed so wonderfully natural.

    In my own personal LOST life, I've been embarking on a new journey that entails a bit of mod…

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  • Gregaus

    It is one of Lost's most asked questions, and the one it seems so few know the answer to.

    It became a topic on social media in 2012 with Damon Lindelof attempting to 'bribe' US Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney with the answer if he discloses his tax return figures. Lindelof even teased us more recently at the Paleyfest LOST 10 Year Reunion in March 2014, refusing to give a specific answer;

    Well, if you're reading this, you won't have to wait till then as the answer is on this page. I've long been a proponent of the notion that most every question on LOST was answered. There are very few truly unanswered questions. It is true that some answers require some research, or extrapolation/interpretation from a number of sources, but the vast majo…

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  • Hannieabs

    What I would like to know is whether Will & Elizabeth will be in Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Lies. If you have any info on whether they will be, please leave a comment. I don't want people putting up unnecessary comments on this though. You can also put on your ideas for how they could fit them both into the story again. Maybe Will is sick of being away from Elizabeth for so long, so he seeks Jack for help. Don't put something like "Will and Elizabeth's story finished in 'At World's End', because you never know, they might come back into it!

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  • La bebe1234

    la bebe

    December 22, 2013 by La bebe1234

    ONE Direction (abreviado frecuentemente como 1D) es una boy band británica-irlandesa formada en 2010 en Londres, Reino Unido, con motivo del programa The X Factor. Durante la transmisión del concurso, el quinteto, compuesto por Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan y Louis Tomlinson, fue apadrinado por Simon Cowell, creador del programa y encargado en esa temporada de la categoría de grupos. Su formación se dio luego de que los cinco integrantes hicieran sus audiciones y fueran expulsados de la competencia. Tras esto, Nicole Scherzinger, una de las juezas, sugirió que los cinco formasen parte de un grupo, al que finalmente llamaron One Direction.1 El grupo finalmente quedó en el tercer lugar del concurso, pero aun así Cowell pa…

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  • Master Tej


    December 8, 2013 by Master Tej


    This episode, let me just say, is by far one of the best episodes of the series, possibly the best I've seen (I'm now about a third of the way through Season 6). It is just so well done on so many levels. The plot is great, the dialogue is well-written, the actors dynamic.

    Most of all, though, is that ending scene. The moment when the audience realizes Locke is in a wheelchair, only to then walk again after the crash, is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in film, and has brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion. The music makes the moment heavenly.

    Enough about that phenomenal episode, though (which I even have a copy of the Screenplay of!). As the holiday season draws closer, the question of solidari…

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  • Master Tej

    Tabula Rasa

    November 29, 2013 by Master Tej

    Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

    One of the things I'm thankful for is definitely LOST. Although it takes up countless hours of my life, displaced Star Wars as my favorite series, takes money as well as time, and generally has become a huge obsession of mine, I still love it.

    Take, for example, my current efforts to compile a complete and accurate list of all the surviving passengers of Flight 815. I've managed to narrow it all down quite a bit, with only 3 survivors from the Mid-Section unaccounted for. I'm doing it by name, not appearance. If somebody showed up by name, they're put in there. There's so many extras, as we all know, that doing it by appearance would create an enormous list.

    Anyways, that's good for tonight. I've got to ge…

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  • Master Tej

    Pilot, Part II

    November 24, 2013 by Master Tej

    A new weekend. New night. And a new blog post.

    A quick note, the entirety of the Pilot episode, I absolutely love. Especially the crash sequence, which was just so very well done. The score of the Genius Giacchino, the cinematography work of Abrams, and the writing of Lindelof and Cuse, along with the work of the rest of the crew and performance of the cast made this episode genius.

    Anyways, I've never really done this before, made a blog. So, I hope you enjoy this one! Until then . . .

    Guys? Where are we?

    - Master Tej -

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  • Master Tej

    Pilot, Part I

    November 21, 2013 by Master Tej

    Open on an eye. It is that of Master Tej, a new editor to the LOST Wiki.

    He looks to the side. A classroom wall is there - it's Third Block in Senior Capstone of his Senior year.

    Stretching upwards, he pulls an object out of his pocket and looks at it. A flashdrive. Putting it away, he checks his side before grimacing.

    The bell rings. Running out of the classroom, past people, around others, he finally emerges in a Band Room. In a moment, the sounds of screaming and a jet engine become evident.

    Well, okay, I wish something as cool as that could happen to me. But I'm not Jack. And Senior Year is far from a plane crash.

    Who I am is Master Tej. I love LOST absolutely, although I'm only just at the end of Season 5. My other interests inclu…

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  • Justine.anceno

    amazing bella

    November 5, 2013 by Justine.anceno

    im so proud when Bella got pregnant and she made a decision to gave birth to her one and only Renesmee

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  • Aminur.rahman.3363334

    This has been eating me up for a while now, but how come they never had Michael, Walt, Mr Eko or even Ana Lucia in that final scene?

    I felt it was like incomplete...

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  • Krisz9601

    Tail section survivors

    October 25, 2013 by Krisz9601

    By the end of the series we made ​​the tail section survivors kidnapped, the others who were kidnapped in the first And Day 12?

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  • TheWaklingDane

    Seasons 4, 5 and 6 = Dissapointing.

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  • Gcheung28

    Check it out, Lost fans! We have a really fun bracket tournament coming up specifically for fantasy foods and we need YOU to submit suggestions for the competitors! You can find more information here but we basically would love if every community on Wikia submitted their best fictional foods from their franchise to compete in our Fantasy Food Fight to see what comes out on top!

    The submission period is underway so people can submit foods that they want in the main blog now! Nominate as many foods as you like, but make sure they strongly represent your community’s iconic edibles and drinkables! So what are you waiting for? Join the fun!

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  • Reginafan2626


    August 12, 2013 by Reginafan2626

    I think one of the biggest mysteries in Lost is why the Island cured Rose's cancer and Locke's paralysis, but it didn't cure Shannon's asthma. Discuss.

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  • Echaniwarrior

    Hai Guys, yesterday I made the countdown timer hieroglyphs from the Swan. Egyptian symbols(written language basically) has always been very interesting to me. I love how lost incorporates the idea of the Egyptians being at the lost island, it gives it more of a history than it already has and also left us with a bigger mystery of the Lost Island. I have just re-watched the episode where Ben Linus, (Pretending to be Henry Gale) is captured by Daniel Rousseau and brought to the Swan, here Sayid interrogates Ben(Ep. "One of Them"). Well, as you all know Jack doesn't take kindly to that and demands that Locke(John) open the door to the gun vault, as this moment Locke is left with little time and the timer goes out of time. The exciting moment …

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  • Gregaus

    Three years on...

    May 24, 2013 by Gregaus

    It only ends once... Three years ago today, Jack Shephard closed his eyes for the very last time in what I think was the most perfect finale in television history.

    So to the writers, actors, producers, musicians and crew that made this extraordinary masterpiece possible, I am forever in your debt. But to the LOST community who I would be lost without, thank you for making my ongoing journey even more meaningful by keeping the Lost flame alive.

    One of (the many) great things about living in Australia is that when the big Lost dates come round, they last two days. Like right now - it's been May 23 for almost 40 hours. It's actually the 24th here but still feels like yesterday because the US is just experiencing the evening of the 23rd.

    All I ca…

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  • Mitzi awesome13

    Hey! It's Kat! Come check out my wiki and comment or blog on my wiki. See your views there! Peace!

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  • Booger403

    (Booger403 (talk)) I just started to watch this show. It is awesome. I would just like to say happy 3rd anniversary of the conclusion of the story. I hope I did not say anything bad. Ill watch this show over the summer. It looks exciting. Without watching the show, I can not contribute. Hope all of you have a good day. (Booger403 (talk))

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  • Avatar3939

    The ISland

    April 29, 2013 by Avatar3939

    So here's my theroy, what if, there is maybe eight lights all over the ocean,each an elemt to a human (Liek Darkness,Happiness, Ect.) and they all conect at the core of the eart, that Keeps the earth in tact almost like a glue holding it all togther, so it just so happens that A piece of land got carryed into the darkness one one of these 8 "Sections", So The doneky wheel works by mixing the light and water, cuasing for a few seconds ne of the pieces/glue has disspaered, So Everything AROUND it moves, but if everything around it moves, then it appears that it is moving but the earth is just basicly rotating sections while the island stays the same, so noone notices, These Sections Are "Invisible" Becuase all ove the power from the light ar…

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  • Gregaus

    Lost Is My Constant

    April 27, 2013 by Gregaus

    Beautiful. Emotional. Mysterious. Spectacular. Brilliant.


    Lost is science-fiction, comedy, tragedy and deep characterisation on an unprecedented scale - a grand adventure story unlike any epic ever portrayed on the small screen.

    In fact, Lost is the perfect collision between the intellectual world, and the world of pop culture. Unlike most other shows, it appears to have no ceiling to its understanding, at least not that I can see. I am still trying to understand its meaning. Not of its storyline, but rather, its effect on popular culture, science fiction, literature, philosophy, history and even physics. But it's the unique personal journey I find myself on as a consequence of those 121 episodes that fascinates me most.

    You s…

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  • Avatar3939

    Plz Read

    April 25, 2013 by Avatar3939

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  • Avatar3939

    Sawyer And JUliets baby is Jacob, They wernt twins!!!!!!!! they implanted it into the woman so jacob could be imortal they trulley love there baby they wanted hi to live FOREVER ANd AAron is sawyer/Juliets baby also And walt is SUn/Micheal And Charile Hume is Juliet/Micheal (Getting back at sawyer for sleeping with analucia,kate and cassidy)

    But SUn Was like get off my man so cuz she was ACTUALy cheating with micheal not that other guy she was preting to to keep mike safe, but when juliet and mike were sleeping togther she Got mad and went back in time cuased the incident killing juliet cuzz She wanted walt to eb safe AND SUN PRETENDED TO BE DYING IN THE CANDIDATE TO KILL JIN BEFORE RUNNING OFF WITH MICHAEL WHO NEVER DIED SHe had a scret o…

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  • Mtmartin3

    We as fans of the ABC show "LOST" would love to have a place of our own at WDW. There are places for Star Wars fans, Pirates Fans, Sports fans, Fairytale Fans and soon Avatar fans. We as Lost Fans are millions strong all over the world and as "LOST" is a Disney product you will not have any issues with copy writes. Discovery Island hasn’t been used and is just over grown much like the set of LOST so with just a few minor clean ups this would add a new dynamic to an old exhibit. Disney could do LOST weekend much like Star Wars Weekends. With the 10 year anniversary of the pilot episode coming up in 2014 this would a great time to start a rethinking of Discovery Island to the LOST Island.

    Please Click on Link to Help us with making this come …

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  • Echaniwarrior

    Lost Encylopedia

    March 21, 2013 by Echaniwarrior

    Hey, does anyone have the Lost encyclopedia? I do, it is FILLED with information.

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  • FedericoF

    Well, I finally had the opportunity to choose my numbers for the Quini-6 lottery and I guess you know which numbers I chose. Here's the ticket:

    I only hit the numbers 4 and 23, just in the same order, unfortunately I didn't won anything, but I still have the ticket with The Numbers, which is great. Did any of you bet the same numbers in the lottery or something?

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  • Brotha305

    I miss this place...

    March 8, 2013 by Brotha305

    Been a looooong time. I miss LOST terribly but I've found a new obsession, Doctor Who. I kind of feel guilty sometimes but it's okay because I know LOST is still number one in my mind. I plan to do a rewatch this year. It's about time. :)

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