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Implied knowledge

  • The creator of the map must have been aware of happenings outside of the hatch, either by leaving or communication over DharmaTel.
  • There was either more than one author, or the single author was present for at least 12 years.

Implied timeline

It's not clear whether certain numbers are dates, or what notations, if any, are meant to be associated with those dates, but a reasonable extrapolation of notes on the map yields the following timeline.

  • 7 December 1981: HG delegation inspection
  • 28 October 1984: Suspected shutdown
  • 1985: MDG/AH incident
  • 8 May 2000: Complete DHARMAtel shutdown in effect
  • 15 August 2001: Complete DHARMAtel shutdown in effect
  • 3 April 2002: A cryptic note on left side of map refers to "REV ... possible location of Zoological research facility". The date the creator of the map found it -- thus a REVision? The date of a message from "REV" about the facility?
  • 6 January 2003: Complete DHARMAtel shutdown in effect

Significance of Dates

  • December 7, 1981 is exactly 40 years after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Dharmatel Intranet Failure Dates

Let's assume for a moment that the dates are 4.08.00, 8.15.01 and 01.06.05. The let's look at these dates on the LOST timelines. 4.08.00-We don't know the dates, but in 2000, at times which look green enough to be April, Sam Toomey committed suicide after hearing the numbers, which may have some connection. Also in 2000, Jacob touches John and apologises for the fall. Could this mean the intranet is people, and John and Jacob are parts of it? 8.15.01-The smuggler's plane crashes on the island above the Pearl. Is it possible the impact of the crash knocked out the intranet? Furthermore, Desmond arrived on the island in 2001. Could the impact of Elizabeth crashing have knocked out the intranet? 01.06.05-Possibly this is the day the Oceanic 6+3 left the Island's reach, knocking out the intranet of people. To add evidence to this theory, someone dies roughly every 8 months afterwards. 10.20.2005-Death of Nadia. 4.8.2006-Death of Helen Norwood. Winter 2006-Mr.Avellino and Elsa are killed. 2007-Ivan Andropov is killed.ანტო 15:13, September 13, 2009 (UTC)

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