There are several notations on the blast door map that appear to be dates. Some appear to indicate a "shutdown" occurred. What was shutdown and why it was shutdown are unknown. These dates use a month/day/year format. There is another date reference to a zoological research facility and a reference to something called an AH/MDG incident of 1985.

Date Notations on Hidden Map

At 6:00 on the hidden map, located next to "I AM HERE" is the notation:

failure of
dharmatel intranet
4.08.00, 8.15.01,
01.06.03 - complete shutdown in effect
  • The last date is NOT "01.06.05", as it might appear to some. If you compare how the last digit is written to the way 3s and 5s are throughout the map, it is written like the 3s.
  • There are just over 16 months between each of the three dates (494 days & 509 days).

Immediately above this text is the notation:

home of H.G. delegation
inspection 12.07.81

In the top right corner of the map is the notation:

shut down date

At 10:00 on the map, located near the Staff, is the notation:

believed to have
been abandoned
due to AH/MDG
incident of 1985

At 4:00 on the map is the notation:

rev – 4.2.02
possible location of
zoological research

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